Intelligent route planning- how do we do it?

We want to give you a sneak peek into the world of your deliveries arriving safely to you. What happens behind closed doors and on the road is important in gaining your trust as a customer. This is why we want to be transparent...
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Ondemand Courier

Delivering Customer Service with each Parcel

Zendfast "Customer Care"​ It's a way of life. At our customer service desk at Zendfast we believe you can never beat the customer! Logistics companies must adapt to changing customer demands in both B2C and B2B (and even C2C) m...
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Package, Parcel, same day delivery, courier

Dublin City Deliveries

The future is here in Dublin. Smart City . Algorithms and optimization systems are used to improve delivery performance in the last mile: real-time data, dynamic route planning algorithms, fleet management solutions, tracking d...
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