We work closely with local businesses by providing them with delivery software to manage their own deliveries. Apart from that, we consult our clients on the logistics aspects of their business and how their deliveries can be further optimized.

In this article we are helping you with advice on another key constituent of a successful delivery management- your fleet of vehicles!

What are the best vehicles to choose from when managing your deliveries? 1

We all know by now how high the demand has become in the last year for fast and efficient deliveries for small and large retailers. E-commerce shifted from being a viable option for the expansion of businesses onto new channels, to a real necessity and their only means of survival. This certainly imposed a pressing need for high performance and top quality delivery vehicles.

Affordability is a key aspect which managers have to consider when buying their fleet, along with the nature of their deliveries. Hereby, we mention several suggestions that may help and guide you when considering the most suitable vehicle for your deliveries.

What are the best vehicles to choose from when managing your deliveries? 2

Cargo Vans

What are the best vehicles to choose from when managing your deliveries? 3

Let’s start off with the most popular choice amongst courier companies. Cargo vans are also one of the most affordable options if you are just beginning to manage your deliveries and your resources are scarce. The affordability of these does not invalidate their good use and practicality. These are usually equipped with side doors and doors at the rear end, which are made to load and unload easily when you are doing your multi-stop deliveries. Cargo vans are very compact which makes them handy for driving a lot round town and parking in tight spaces.


The only downside of these vehicles is that they could be slightly inconvenient (ergonomically) due to their smaller size, requiring more bending or kneeling. Cargo vans are also not particularly useful for retailers offering larger-sized items such as furniture or electronics.

Step Van

What are the best vehicles to choose from when managing your deliveries? 4

We cannot miss mentioning the popular step vans, also known as multi-stop trucks. These are probably one of the most popular vehicle types in the industry due to their long-term durability and great practicality. One may say that they were probably designed and built for the purpose of deliveries, even though people have also used them for other commercial purposes. These are in fact the loved-by-many ice-cream vans, which we get to see more often in the summer months. Honestly, they are a great intermediate choice if you are running a small to mid-sized retail delivery business and you are considering scaling up soon enough. They offer the space and the comfortability in a single vehicle, without asking from you to compromise on either of those features.


Having a larger van, of course, means lesser space to park and do your many stopovers. If you are driving around busier cities and you are not very confident in driving large vehicles, you might experience some difficulties, until you get more comfortable. These are also slightly more expensive due to their custom-making, and you should be prepared to dip into your pocket a little. 

Box trucks

What are the best vehicles to choose from when managing your deliveries? 5

We included box trucks in this list of delivery vehicles for larger items. If you are running a retail business that ships furniture or large loads of bigger items, then there is no other way around for you than to choose a greater vehicle size. The good news is that they are not always necessarily coming at a higher price. You can transport heavier cargo in a durable vehicle, which can be used for longer routes and travelling times. Box trucks usually have a cabin that’s separate from the cargo area and if you want to be more flexible, you could find a truck with a connecting door between the two.  You can also adjust a ramp or a lift which actually makes loading and unloading of big goods possible.


One big downside to these vehicles is that they are much heavier and harder to operate for short-distance trips. Parking can also be an issue if you have clients which don’t have designated parking spaces for bigger vehicles. Higher fuel consumption is also a factor that must be considered when looking to buy box trucks.

What are the best vehicles to choose from when managing your deliveries? 6

When thinking of managing your deliveries, your vehicles are often your first consideration. Van sizes, petrol and maintenance costs, technical specifications and so on. Our best advice is to consider carefully what your budget is and to find an alternative that will not only match price-wise, but also from the point of view of practicality. If you want a vehicle that is up and running for many years, space and convenience must be your first considerations.

Zendfast has a large fleet of vehicles that operate 24/7 all over Ireland. Our fleet is equipped perfectly to match the needs of your delivery loads in a same-day and next-day transportation time windows.