Special Delivery Service

Experience the power of our Special Delivery Service, designed to streamline your delivery department, saving time and money. Choose from a range of courier options tailored to your requirements. With advanced technology, we offer unmatched flexibility and create unique solutions for your business needs.

We create unique solutions for every business needs.

Special Delivery Service

Zendfast Special Delivery Services

What Special Delivery Service you need:

Benefits of Special Delivery Service:

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Tailored delivery solution to your needs

Every customer has a different need, tell us what you want, and we will build it.

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Rapid response same day collection and delivery service. In some cases, time is money. We understand the importance of time.

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Integrate your ordering system through API or mass download.

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Increase reliability

We have great drivers and use great technology to get items delivered timely and securely as point-to-point reduces handling.

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Save time and Money

Automated dispatch, helps save time organising your deliveries along with integrating with our software.

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Improve Customer Service

Dedicated account manager and features so your customer is happy and informed.

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Top features:

  • Dispatch automation
  • Driver app with analytics
  • Business log in with analytics
  • Dedicated driver allocated
  • Customer, driver, recipients alerts (app, email, mobile)
  • Map-based online, real-time track and trace
  • Proof of delivery with photo or esign
  • Courier rating
  • Route planning
  • Personal account manager
  • Electronic connectivity to your eCommerce system
  • Api Connection to your ordering system
  • Bulk upload deliveries by CSV file



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