Zendfast Food Delivery Service

Zendfast Food Delivery Services facilitates food businesses, restaurants, butchers, retailers, fishmongers, growers, caterers, wholesalers and many more to manage their food delivery operations. This can either be to consumers or other businesses. We understand that food needs to be handled correctly, be delivered in a timely manner with the correct temperature always in mind.

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Food Delivery Service

What you need:

  • To deliver food to consumers
  • Home food deliveries
  • Perfect for foods that are highly valuable or perishable
  • Ideal for food that needs to be delivered quickly, carefully with a low chance of damage
  • Food handled with care and consideration
  • Reoccurring food delivery
  • B2B food deliveries

Benefits of Zendfast Food Delivery:


Rapid response same day collection and delivery service. Time is money.

Quality route

A dedicated driver can be inducted, trained and designated to you. This will
improve your delivery service.


We have great drivers and use great technology to get items delivered timely
and securely as point-to-point reduces handling.

Less handling errors

Automated dispatch, helps save time organising your deliveries. You
are outsourcing work to Zendfast and our software.

Customer experience

Food needs to be delivered quickly. Its similar, the fresher the delivery, the fresher
the food.

Zendfast Functions

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  • Save operational time with dispatch automation
  • Analytics to help with decisions
  • Dedicated driver to your business creates familiarity
  • 24/7
  • Customer, driver, recipients alerts (app, email, mobile)
  • Map-based online, real-time track and trace
  • Proof of delivery with photo or eSign
  • Courier rating
  • Personal account manager to help your operations run smoothly



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