Zendfast Partnership Model

How Zendfast Partnership works

Zendfast Partnership is a mutually beneficial delivery partnership between two businesses.

Zendfast Partnership Model 1

Zendfast is a unique online technology platform connecting businesses and individuals with an on-demand crowd sourced and 3rd party same-day delivery network. This point-to-point technology platform manages the entire courier process from Engagement to Fulfilment and finally to Payment. It also allows customers the flexibility to expedite and schedule both collections and deliveries as they require.

Zendfast Partnership Model 2

The partnership includes a functional and easily managed website, last mile delivery, optimisation and management software platform owned by Zendfast, a driver mobile App and a range of connectivity tools. Localisation for currencies, sales tax, Google maps, payment processing and language. We also provide ongoing support with regular meetings, performance reviews and encouragement to drive key performance indicators. We also look at the supports needed to organise your operations and, in the marketing, sales, finance and HR functions of your business.

Zendfast Partnership Model 3

Zendfast provides experience in the delivery industry, marketing and sales support, operational and business model direction, IT infrastructure and localisation, recruitment and HR help, ongoing training, and financial advice.

Zendfast Partnership Model 4

The Zendfast Partnership business model is based on success. When your business is successful our business is successful. The benefit of being in a partnership is that we have been down the same path before and can fast track your success as we have already learned a huge amount from some of our successes but more importantly our failures.

Zendfast Partnership Model 5

The Zendfast partnership program is well established with partner projects already undertaken in Europe, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore among other countries.

Would you like to use this technology to power a similar same-day delivery service wherever in the world you are located?

Would you like to participate in this very vibrant sector of the market?

You can use the proven technology platform to build your own operation using either the Zendfast brand or your own brand.

What the Zendfast Partnership Offers You

Zendfast Partnership Model 6

Inexpensive Entry

Zendfast Partnership business model is based on your success. We have a minimum entry to localise the technology which can vary depending on the length of work

Zendfast Partnership Model 7

Build New Skill Set

Being a business owner and becoming involved in numerous areas will add to your current skillset and this will stand to you throughout your career..

Zendfast Partnership Model 8

Bespoke technology, software enhancements and support

Zendfast look after all hosting of the platform on your behalf. You will benefit from new changes, new features & enhancements introduced into the platform over time.

Zendfast Partnership Model 9

Growing Brand

With Zendfast Partnership we offer the flexibility to use our brand or grow your own.

Zendfast Partnership Model 10

Become an Entrepreneur and business owner

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, it’s a risk, it involves hard work however the rewards of becoming successful are great.

Zendfast Partnership Model 11

A Booming delivery INDUSTRY and High Growth Sector

It’s no secret but there is a continuous rise in ecommerce and the knock-on effect is a massive increase in delivery services. Being in a growing sector makes life easier and can help multiply the growth levels of your business against others.

Zendfast Partnership Model 12

Lower Risk Business Opportunity

With our support and experience you increase your chance of success and lower the risk involved with being a business owner.

Zendfast Partnership Model 13

Earning potential

Growing your own business give you earning potential which otherwise my not be possible. This can increase year on year based on your success.

Zendfast Partnership Model 14
Zendfast Partnership Model 15

The Zendfast formula

Brand, Training, Support, Marketing, Sales & Strategy TO SUCCEED

  • Strong Brand
  • Training and Support
  • Bespoke Technology
  • Operational and HR support
  • Marketing and Sales backing
  • Financial advice
  • Strategy



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