Sea Freight Service

Zendfast offers clients a full range of sea freight services to and from Ireland. Our services allow
for seamless door to door international shipping, importing, and exporting to anywhere in the
world. Using an expansive network of vessels, we ensure that your parcels are delivered on-
time and with extreme care.

sea freight service

Benefits of a Sea Freight Service

Sea Freight Service 1

Extensive sea freight service network

Sea Freight Service 1

Quick and reliable sea freight service

Sea Freight Service 1

Perfect for customers looking for a cost effective sea freight service

Sea Freight Service 1

sea freight handled with attention and respect

Sea Freight Service 1

Excellent customer service

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Sea Freight - Ireland to the UK

What is Sea Freight?

Sea freight is a cost-effective method of transporting large amounts of goods across long distances. Goods are sealed inside containers and are then loaded onto a shipping vessel. Cargo ships typically carry thousands of tons of containers, which allows for shipping costs to be reduced. Sea freight has proven to be one of the most safe, reliable, and low-cost methods of transporting goods across the globe.

Using sea freight will allow you to transport your goods to ports around the world, allowing your business to reach all continents on the planet. With our service, we will ensure that all your goods are shipped with the upmost care and efficiency.

With years of experience in the industry, we are committed to providing a reliable, cost-effective and efficient service that ensures your goods arrive safely and on time. Our experienced team have developed streamlined processes that ensure fast turnaround times, as well as providing an excellent customer service experience.

Why Sea Freight?

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Cost Effective

The large amount of volume that cargo ships hold allows for international transportation cost to be lower than other methods. Sea freight can allow your business to save on shipping and reach anywhere on Earth.

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Ability to Ship Large Items

Cargo ships can hold large and heavy items that other methods of freight would not have the ability to transport. Vessels can hold automobiles, large machinery, industrial parts, and objects that weigh several tons. With sea freight, nearly anything can be shipped anywhere.

Sea Freight Service 9

Environmentally Friendly

Sea freight is the most environmentally friendly method of sending cargo across the world. The cargo ships use little petroleum in comparison to other freight methods. If you are concerned with your business’s environmental impact, sea freight would be the best option to reduce your carbon footprint.



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