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Clearing through customs can be a long and complicated process. We save you the time and
money by making customs hassle-free and affordable as possible.

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Trust The Professionals

With over 40 years in the logistics industry, our CEO Declan Murray has created Zendfast to be a team that will expertly handle any task dealing with exporting or importing goods. Our service will ensure that customs will not be an issue when you are trying to ship your products.

Our tried-and-true method for processing goods is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. We utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure that goods are quickly and accurately processed from the time they enter our facility until they are sent out to their destination.

What We Do

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Assist clients on custom related issues

Customs Clearance 3

Process import and export invoices

Customs Clearance 3

Classify any taxes or tariffs

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Outlay Duty and VAT payments

Customs Clearance 3

Examine the best solution for importing or exporting your goods

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High Volume Customs Clearance

We have developed a tried-and-true method that allows us to process high volumes of goods through customs. Our system allows us to electronically analyze each invoice and quickly add them to our system. With our service, we can process your orders at any volume.



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