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We’re revolutionizing the delivery process, and reducing your admin costs along with it. For better speed of service, next-level customer service, and ultimate dependability from your courier, choose Zendfast.

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Why choose us

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Customer service motivated

Our customers are at the forefront of our business, we value our customer’s experience for mutual continued success.

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Innovative technology

We consistently develop and improve our technology, increasing our customers’ competitive advantage. Innovation is at the core of our business to ensure clients satisfaction.

Highly skilled and professional people

Zendfasts biggest asset is our people, you can expect the delivery of our courier services to be outstanding and exceed your expectations.

Zendfast Courier Now

Zendfast Courier Now is your fast track to collect or deliver a package right now.

    Top needs:

  • You require an express courier service NOW

  • Deliver or collection of items

  • Express on-demand courier (point-to-point)

    Top benefits:

  • Speed

  • Reliability and security

  • 24/7 availability

    Top Features:

  • Track and trace

  • Proof of delivery

  • Recipients alerts

Zendfast Same-Day Delivery

Zendfast same-day gives bespoke same-day courier solutions to every business.

    Top needs:

  • Tailored same-day courier solution

  • Recurring same-day couriers

  • National same-day courier service

    Top benefits:

  • Quality delivery service

  • Improve reliability

  • Increase efficiency

    Top features:

  • Dedicated driver allocated

  • Dispatch automation

  • Personal account manager

Zendfast Connect

Zendfast Connect is a custom courier solution that saves you money, time and fits your needs.

    Top needs:

  • Tailored delivery solution

  • Large volume deliveries

  • Connect with your ordering system through API

    Top benefits:

  • Bespoke courier solution

  • Connectivity for automation and ease-of-use

  • Save time and money

    Top features:

  • Dispatch automation

  • Driver app with analytics

  • Proof of delivery with photo or eSign

Zendfast Delivery Software

Zendfast Delivery Software is ideal for businesses who want to streamline their own deliveries using our software.

    Top needs:

  • Delivery software to manage drivers

  • Software to manage delivery business

  • Last mile delivery software

    Top benefits:

  • Time saving

  • Scalability

  • Increase efficiencies

    Top features:

  • Delivery software

  • Driver app with analytics

  • Map-based online, real-time track and trace






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