Zendfast Solutions

Zendfast Courier Now

Zendfast Courier Now is your fast track to collect or deliver a package right now.

    Top needs:

  • You require an express service NOW

  • Deliver or collection of items

  • Express on-demand (point-to-point)

    Top benefits:

  • Speed

  • Reliability and security

  • 24/7 availability

    Top Features:

  • Track and trace

  • Proof of delivery

  • Recipients alerts

Zendfast Same-Day Delivery

Zendfast same-day gives bespoke same-day delivery solutions to every business.

    Top needs:

  • Tailored same-day delivery solution

  • Recurring same-day deliveries

  • National same-day delivery service

    Top benefits:

  • Quality delivery service

  • Improve reliability

  • Increase efficiency

    Top features:

  • Dedicated driver allocated

  • Dispatch automation

  • Personal account manager

Zendfast Connect

Zendfast Connect is a custom delivery solution that saves you money and time.

    Top needs:

  • Tailored delivery solution

  • Large volume deliveries

  • Connect with your ordering system through API

    Top benefits:

  • Bespoke delivery solution

  • Connectivity for automation and ease-of-use

  • Save time and money

    Top features:

  • Dispatch automation

  • Driver app with analytics

  • Proof of delivery with photo or eSign

Zendfast Delivery Software

Zendfast Delivery Software is ideal for businesses who want to streamline their own deliveries using our software.

    Top needs:

  • Delivery software to manage drivers

  • Software to manage delivery business

  • Last mile delivery software

    Top benefits:

  • Time saving

  • Scalability

  • Increase efficiencies

    Top features:

  • Delivery software

  • Driver app with analytics

  • Map-based online, real-time track and trace






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