Legal Industry 1

Legal Industry

As a courier business, we provide specialized courier services for the legal industry, understanding the importance of fast, secure, and reliable delivery of legal documents and materials. In this industry page, we will explore...
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Ecommerce 2


International Shipping: We offer international shipping services to help ecommerce businesses expand their reach and sell their products globally. Our experienced international couriers are familiar with the complexities of int...
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Pharmaceutical Courier 3

Pharmaceutical Courier

The pharmaceutical industry has strict regulations and guidelines when it comes to shipping and transportation of their products. Therefore, a trusted and specialized courier service provider like Zendfast can provide the much-...
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Office courier 4

Office courier

ZendFast works closely with office managers, receptionists, admin staff, and facilities managers to ensure seamless delivery experiences for the staff and clients of the offices they serve. Next-day delivery services are also p...
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Medical Courier Services 5

Medical Courier Services

Results The partnership between ZendFast and medical institutions has been incredibly successful, providing medical institutions with reliable, efficient, and secure courier services that meet their specific needs. ZendFast has...
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Partnership with Mad Flowers 6

Partnership with Mad Flowers

Zendfast's flexible and accommodating approach to delivery services also allows them to cater to Mad Flowers' bespoke delivery requests. Their experienced drivers, state-of-the-art technology, and excellent customer service ens...
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