Zendfast Chilled Courier Service

Zendfast Chilled Courier Service facilitates businesses and individuals to coordinate their
chilled goods delivery requirements through our professional network of chilled vans. Your chilled goods are delivered through a high-quality route which increasing the security and reliability of successful delivery over our competition. We cover the whole country.

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What you need:

  • Chilled courier service
  • National chilled van delivery
  • Perfect for chilled goods that are urgent
  • Ideal for chilled goods that need to be delivered securely, well-timed with a very low probability of being lost
  • Chilled goods handled with attention and respect
  • Speed, reliability, and customer service in your chilled goods delivery solution

Benefits of Zendfast Chilled Courier Service:


Rapid response same day collection and delivery service. Time is important.

Quality route

A dedicated driver can be inducted, trained and designated to you. This will improve your delivery service.


We have great drivers and use great technology to get items delivered timely
and securely as point-to-point reduces handling.

Less handling errors

Automated dispatch, helps save time organising your deliveries. You
are outsourcing work to Zendfast and our software.

Customer experience

Features like our notifications and track/trace so your customer is
happy and informed

Zendfast Functions

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  • Dispatch automation
  • Driver app with analytics
  • 24/7
  • Customer, driver, recipients alerts (app, email, mobile)
  • Map-based track and trace driver
  • Proof of parcel delivery with photograph or eSign through the app
  • Couriers rating available
  • Personal Zendfast account manager



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