We want to give you a sneak peek into the world of your deliveries arriving safely to you. What happens behind closed doors and on the road is important in gaining your trust as a customer. This is why we want to be transparent about our technologies and methods which drive our logistics and planning as effectively as possible.

In the end, the most important thing is to have your order arrive timely as promised and in an impeccable condition.

Intelligent route planning- how do we do it? 1

Every logistics enterprise and their entitled personnel at the upper levels in the organization know that an efficient delivery system needs a multi-component approach. From understanding the limiting factors of your deliveries such as vehicle size and capacity to route planning and optimization, nature of the item and so on. A day in delivery can look like hundreds to thousands of dispatches made in a same-day or next-day delivery timeframe. Now imagine having these organized over hundreds to thousands of different locations, over the course of a single day!

Yes, it needs some serious planning and understanding of how logistics works.

Intelligent route planning- how do we do it? 2

In the next paragraph we’re just giving you an insight into what intelligent route planning looks like and what is our way of optimizing our journeys.

Our Solution

The answer is actually quite simple- Smart technology and solid experience in logistics. In order to have your deliveries arrive in time we take a lot of factors into account including geography, traffic jams, stopovers, detours and even weather! All this we have incorporated into a smart algorithm which we use to plan our deliveries in the most effective way possible. We have created a tailored solution which takes into account all of these factors and more to get our drivers to your destination at the specified time. In the meantime, you can track your delivery on its way to you and have peace of mind that your valuable items will arrive safely to you.

Intelligent route planning- how do we do it? 3

Unfortunately though, not all courier services optimize their routes automatically or manually through intelligent systems. A lot of drivers rely on their experience which often works OK for them if they have many years of driving behind their back. This is not the case with new additions and staff who are still straining on the job. Using a route planning solution takes the burden off delivery drivers as it does all the planning instead of them, cutting down their driving time, improving on their last-mile delivery and increasing their capacity to deliver more (hence generate better revenue for their company).

Route planning is not easy, but it is made easy via intelligent technology. We recommend to every delivery driver and a courier solution that has not yet tried and tested this approach to consider it as part of their operational plan.

Intelligent route planning- how do we do it? 4

Zendfast offers delivery software which is perfect for businesses that want to streamline their own deliveries and increase their operational capacity. 

Get in touch with our team and we will provide you with a lot more useful information on how you can incorporate our smart solution into your business model promptly and effectively!