Ondemand Courier

Delivering Customer Service with each Parcel

Zendfast "Customer Care"​ It's a way of life. At our customer service desk at Zendfast we believe you can never beat the customer! Logistics companies must adapt to changing customer demands in both B2C and B2B (and even C2C) m...
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Zendfast Management by Exception

When there is a lot going on and a lot of moving parts managing by exception is a very good technique to ensure that everything gets done and you don't go mad in the process. Focusing on what is not happening rather than everyt...
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Zendfast Same Day Solution 1

Zendfast Same Day Solution

It sounds pretty easy to pick up a parcel and deliver it to its destination but it can be more complicated when there are thousands of jobs and everyone has a unique requirement. It requires good communication, visibility, cust...
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