At Zendfast we understand the importance of the safe and rapid delivery of parcels and products throughout the Dublin area. One primary focus of our delivery system network is the collection and delivery of medical and pharmaceutical items throughout the Dublin area. Zendfast Medical Delivery is a solution for pharma and medical industry.

In this ever-changing world of social distancing and movement restrictions, it has become even more important to have a dedicated service which can deliver products securely and on time. At Zendfast we understand that medical and pharmaceutical items can be perishable and that there is a need for consistency and urgency during delivery.

We have several dedicated delivery options to suit our client’s needs, from rapid same-day delivery to scheduled and frequent collection and delivery of items. This is ideal for pharmacies who wish to deliver drugs and other important items to their customers and medical supply and hospitals which may be in the need of a rapid service outside of their regular delivery options.

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What you get when you choose Zendfast:

If you choose Zendfast Medical Delivery as your courier there are several key benefits, we wish to highlight to you:

  • Zendfast couriers are on call 24/7/365 ensuring that packages can be delivered at all times day or night.
  • Packages can be tracked from collection to delivery ensuring the most optimal routes are taken.
  • Packages are signed for through an e-signature or facial recognition.
  • We can provide dedicated drivers for scheduled collection and delivery so you will know your driver personally.
  • All packages are secured and delivered professionally, this includes medical devices, cold storage packages and more.
  • Zendfast uses the latest in navigation and tracking software allowing you to view your package in real-time and be in contact with your driver.
  • All our vehicles and cleaned and sanitized daily to ensure all products are protected.
  • Our delivery options include same-day urgent delivery, single and/or multidrop options.

Zendfast pharmaceutical and medical delivery in Dublin:

Some of our existing delivery options include:

  • Express person to person delivery of blood and specimen samples
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly collection and delivery of samples. This is ideal for GP’s or small practices without a dedicated transport option.
  • Fully trained and vetted delivery drivers.
  • Fully traceable and tracked packages using Zendfast software.
  • Pharmaceutical delivery throughout the Dublin area. A perfect option for customers who may be too old or ill to travel to a pharmacy themselves.

Why choose Zendfast Medical Delivery

While there are other courier options Zendfast is dedicated to the Dublin area with drivers who know their way around and enjoy getting to know their clients and customers. Our delivery options are fully customizable, and everything can be arranged online making your life easier and ensuring you have a dedicated delivery service who will meet your needs.

We understand the importance of medical and pharmaceutical supplies and that is why we use the latest in technology and vehicles to give you peace of mind and ensure all our deliveries are on time and conducted in the safest manner possible.

Zendfast Software:

At Zendfast we have also developed our software to allow us to manage and track all delivery and pick-ups throughout the day. This software allows you to track your packages, contact drivers and make and change deliveries, this dedicated software is robust and secure and meets the needs of our clients every time. 

Should you choose to create your own transport system then Zendfast technology can be used to give you a competitive edge as it allows you to scale your business, have an all in one system ready to go and is fully adaptable to almost any business.