Pallet delivery is the ideal choice for businesses involved in transporting different volumes of goods and products across Dublin. This is what makes it a good idea to make a decision and find a professional pallet delivery partner. In this short guide, we’ll discuss what we know about pallet couriering and everything that you’ll come across when dealing with pallet delivery.

Types of Pallet Transportation

There are a few different types of pallet transportation, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with them. This will come in handy when dealing with freight forwarders, logistics companies, or couriers.

Full Load Service

This term is used for shipments that take a full lorry. That means you need a full truck that carries one dedicated shipment

Pallet Courier

This term is used for those who want to transport a couple of pallets.

Partial Load Service

This service is used if you are seeking to break up a large delivery or only need to deliver a few pallets. It is useful for couriers to fill up a lorry and so offers cost-saving benefits.

Dedicated Service

This service offers reliable delivery, as a driver will arrive at your place to pick up the pallet and deliver them. Compared to partial or full load service, this is faster as there is no warehouse stage coming in between.

Distribution Network

In logistics, a distribution network is a web of facilities and transportation methods like trucks and vans that receive goods and then deliver them to customers. This allows cost to be minimum as this transport method means longer arrival time of delivery. Using a solid delivery network is key in today’s supply chain.


In logistics consolidating goods from multiple shippers and/or to more than one consignee for shipment together is called groupage. This is normally in one container. Each individual shipment is brought to multiple consignees together.

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When Picking a Pallet Courier

There are a few things you should keep in mind when picking a transporter:

  • Check the loading and unloading method of your transporter to see if you need a forklift to load goods.
  • Check if your selected courier can supply pallets if they are short numbers.
  • Is your transporter insured?
  • Look for the details of the person who will deliver your goods.
  • Ask if they offer load and unloading services for free?

Pallet Delivery Preparation

When you are transporting a lot of goods that require a packing and stacking system, a palatalized delivery is an option for you. Stacking on to a pallet is far more convenient for transportation and can be shipped in lorries and containers. Make sure that products are safely fixed onto the pallet to ensure manageable and easier loading.

Types of Pallets

There are two types of pallets: Block Pallets and Stringer Pallets.

A block pallet is stronger than a stringer pallet. It has extra spacers that make pallets accessible from any angle. On the other hand, a stringer pallet is made of wood, although plastic alternatives are also available. Wooden pallets are the most preferable as they can easily be lifted by a pallet truck or a forklift. The wooden version is often manufactured in bulk.

Choosing the Right Pallet Courier

The first thing you need to make sure is the dimension and weight of your load. Once you get to know these two aspects, you can start your search into couriers to find the precise quote.

Delivering your Pallets

Once you get your pallets at your desired destination, you should check them to ensure that nothing has been broken or damaged in transit.

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