Finding a trustworthy medical courier might be harder than you may think. The reason for this is mainly the number of competencies required from couriers to be able to transport medical supplies or specimens effectively and in intact condition. Having temperature-controlled compartments in specialized vehicles is a major limiting factor, which makes medical couriers harder to find for your specific delivery purposes.

What makes a good medical courier? 1

What is required from medical couriers?

First and foremost, medical couriers are expected to have a solid background in providing these types of services. They are usually trained in the technical aspects of the job such as handling medical specimens and pharmaceutical items. These drivers are qualified to work with samples that require storage at controlled temperature conditions, and there’s no room for making mistakes!

What makes a good medical courier? 2

What makes medical deliveries more challenging?

Transporting time-sensitive supplies for medical use requires quick and efficient distribution to the recipient. There are pharmaceutical products used in life-saving treatments which we transport in the same day service, without any interruptions or possible delays. Timing the delivery perfectly makes the courier service more challenging logistically, adding extra requirements to the courier and the distribution center. Sometimes, unexpected incidents may happen on the road, but this should not under any circumstances affect the time of delivery to the receiving end. Zendfast has over a hundred vehicles, many of which are equipped to transport temperature-sensitive medical supplies all over Ireland. If we ever happen to experience any technical problems with a vehicle in transit, we distribute helping vans to assist in the space of minutes.

What makes a good medical courier? 3

How do we keep your samples cool?

Keeping your medical specimen chilled at all times during delivery is an absolute must. Our drivers are trained to understand the nature of medical deliveries from the inside out and they are well aware that variations in the temperature conditions are not permitted. Medical couriers monitor the temperature at all times during delivery and notifications are sent to the distribution center if any major fluctuation occurs. Our chilled vans have specially built chambers which are calibrated regularly to makes sure we provide quality courier service to our customers.

What makes a good medical courier? 4

COVID-19 Vaccine rollout

This year, medical courier services had a higher workload than ever before due to the fast rollout of vaccines, requiring storage at low temperatures before arrival to hospitals and clinical centers. Shipping hundreds of thousands of vaccines in a very short space of time has proven to be a challenging, but rather rewarding job for courier providers. Let’s keep reminded that mass-vaccination campaigns all over the world would have never happened so quickly and efficiently without the help of experienced medical couriers and their full dedication to a good cause!

What makes a good medical courier? 5

What can a medical courier deliver precisely?

Medical couriers are eligible to transport all sorts of medical and pharmaceutical items. We can look after your blood samples, tissue and organ deliveries, all other temperature-sensitive specimen, laboratory slides, life-saving drugs, and vaccines. In addition, we could transport your confidential medical documents such as patient records and clinical test reports. Zendfast complies with the highest industry standards for delivering medical goods and sensitive information from point to point.

What makes a good medical courier? 6

Booking a medical courier can be done via our webpage by getting a quote specifying the nature of your delivery needs. Once you register your booking we will distribute our drivers to your collection point and deliver them to your recipient within the allocated time of your reservation.

Finding a courier you could trust for handling your medical items with care is tough but far from impossible. Courier solutions like Zendfast are here to meet your specific delivery requirements 24/7.