In a competitive industry like E-commerce, businesses must be prepared to meet the ever-increasing customer demands, to stay at the forefront of a busy marketplace! Online shoppers have adapted very quickly to the process of placing orders and receiving purchases in only a few clicks! This has raised the bar for online stores and delivery companies that need to keep up with the rapid face of highly efficient supply chain management, or else, they risk putting their hard-won reputation at serious stake.

COVID-19 has largely fuelled this change in consumer behavior but many new trends are here to stay. As a third-party courier company, we’ve witnessed this shift by working directly with customers and E-commerce businesses. Now, we are slowly transitioning to a ‘new’ normal where fast speed and efficiency are key if you want to stay competitive.

What do customers want from their E-commerce deliveries? 1

In this blog, we are discussing what the future may hold for retailers online, and delivery companies, aspiring to provide high-grade customer service and ultimately keep their shoppers happy in every step of their experience!

Same Day Groceries Shipping

By now, you have probably seen for yourself how fast markets are fluctuating based on the rapid changes in supply and demand. Grocery delivery is a big arena for competition and improvement in that sense. Big online retailers have pledged to stick within the same-day shipping window so that their customers are satisfied with the brand, the quality of products, and the high efficiency at which the wheel spins. This urges many smaller businesses to turn to same-day delivery solutions and make headway with faster, more efficient operations. By looking at how firmly positioned this delivery trend has been into the marketplace, we are safe to say that same-day service is surely here to stay and expand much further.

What do customers want from their E-commerce deliveries? 2

Delivery Applications

Large E-commerce conglomerates have stayed at the forefront of their marketplaces mainly through innovation in the age of IoT. There are over 12.9 billion devices, used daily for working, browsing, and shopping. This opens a whole world of business opportunities for organizations looking to monetize on every move of people on the internet. Delivery and shopping applications are a great example of this and how online retailers have leveraged the web to boost their sales by giving customers quick access to their shopping portals, straightforward add-to-cart, and prompt dispatch, all in a flick of a switch! The delivery options are usually plenty and the customer can choose amongst a range of offerings and pricing. Streamlining of functions and improving the efficiencies of shopping applications is a trend that will continue to grow at a tremendous pace. Smaller E-commerce businesses should consider this if they want to stay competitive and offer their customers fast and reliable shipping to keep them happy with their experience.

What do customers want from their E-commerce deliveries? 3

Customer experience also matters

Even though we’ve made a clear point that speed and efficiency are of critical importance to online retailers in the modern day, we know that business prosperity cannot only be narrowed to these two factors. Same-day and next-day delivery is certainly a winning strategy to attract a new client base and boost your immediate sales, but it is the whole customer experience that truly matters and keeps these people coming back to your shop for more of what you offer to them! This means excellent customer service- in every step of their journey, including delivery. Keeping customers informed at all times builds trust and helps with establishing a positive image of your brand. Companies like Zendfast offer personalized delivery service which is meant to promote and strengthen the connection between the customer and the retailer. Many people prefer to be more patient with their shipping but have the peace of mind that every part of their parcel journey will go smoothly until reaching its final destination!

What do customers want from their E-commerce deliveries? 4

Final Words

From an E-commerce point of view, it’s important to stay on top of the market trends and know very well what your customers want and expect from you as a brand. Fast same-day deliveries are a major trend, which the E-commerce businesses are realizing and transitioning to more eagerly than ever! Using a third-party solution to outsource their infrastructures like delivery applications, fleets, and drivers could be a winning strategy if you want to scale up fast and stay competitive! Customer service is also of topmost importance if you vow to keep your businesses alive for many more years to come!

Zendfast is a third-party delivery company that offers bespoke solutions to retailers anywhere in Ireland. If you want to hear more about our same-day and next-day delivery functions, do not hesitate to contact our team!