Our blog page covers a lot of different topics that can be of particular use to the reader. Especially if they are looking to gain a better understanding of the different logistics solutions with some practical tips about choosing the right one for their specific needs. This time we have prepared something different which focuses more on a past time, following the evolution of courier services and how they became so firmly incorporated into our everyday lives in just under two centuries.

The Evolution of Courier Services In History 1

Courier Services Vs. Mail 

Courier services actually began about 800 years prior to regular mail service. You may wonder what the real difference between the two is. Couriers were used long back in the day for personalized deliveries, which people in the past hired only trusted parties for.

In The Early Modern Era

The Evolution of Courier Services In History 2

 Before the industrial revolution and trains, finding a reliable person to deliver your mail quickly and safely was close to impossible. The population was also more locally-based, not really travelling much and making new acquaintances further than a walking (or a horse) distance away. But even then, people were coming up with ingenious ways to provide these services for profit.

Later On In History 

Horseback mailmen in the U.S roundabout the 19th century is one of the great examples for the early attempts of civilization to provide timely courier services to customers. Riders would change their horse every 100 miles with a rested one at every station, to make sure that the delivery will arrive as fast as possible. Telegrams overtook these services for sending messages containing information via long-distance transmission technology.

The Evolution of Courier Services In History 3

Modern Advancements

Shipping parcels became popular with the railroad system development. Even then, entrusting somebody with your important deliveries and expecting them to arrive in a sound condition, was a rare occurrence.

The Evolution of Courier Services In History 4

Another important development worth noting were ships for cargo and sending mail cross-continent. Shipping mail helped the exchange of information between the most remote places in a matter of several weeks.This was the small start of our globalization as a society in the modern world and the technological revolution that followed. 

Courier Services Today

The Evolution of Courier Services In History 5

What we’re looking at today is extraordinary. In a space of 150 years, transport has evolved so much thanks to big data and the tech innovations that we can hardly imagine our lives without! We see logistics companies running well-managed operations with the help of software and a fleet of vehicles in a vast range of sizes and purposes. From drones and rickshaws, to refrigerated vans, cargo vans and flatbed trucks- you can choose what fits your delivery purposes best, and transport your shipping within a very short space of time.

Courier services have evolved massively and they will continue to change and improve over time. We expect to see even more smart advancements in logistics in the near future, which we will continue to incorporate in our business, as a responsible, trusted and quality courier solutions provider.