Have you thought of starting a new online business venture? Or perhaps your E-commerce store is already up and running and you are determined to lift your business off the ground this year? Either way, we know that running an online shop takes a lot of effort and coordination. Think about the management of your entire supply chain, back-office operations, building your customer relations, and not to mention, the online marketing of your products…Big fixed fees, staff management, and making do with the expensive and complex in-house logistics. That sounds like a lot on your plate already!

Where do you start and how do you keep ahead of the competition without making costly investment mistakes? The good news for you is that you don’t need to take every leg of this business journey alone. Third-party companies that outsource their services are a must-have in today’s cut-throat online marketplace where businesses go toe to toe with providing premium quality products, customer services, and shipping in order to outstrip their competitors.

Starting an Online Business? 3PL Can Help You Save! 1

From experience, we know that customer expectations are consistently growing and evolving, especially when it comes to the shipping aspect of their purchases. Keeping up to these ever-rising expectations and giving your business a head start without having to chip in for running your own warehouse, vehicle fleet, staff, delivery software and more, requires no more than finding a trusted Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider. Zendfast specializes in expedite shipping and covers your entire supply chain at a pre-agreed operational cost and zero long-term commitments. This partnership model works not only for start-ups but also for mid and large-sized companies that are dedicated to their niche and want to focus on developing their core functions, rather than splitting their time and resources into areas where they lack the expertise.

How can you save by outsourcing your logistics and 3PL?

  1. 3PL Helps You To Start Selling Today

The common concern of entrepreneurs that start their online stores is generating returns and the lengths one needs to go in order to make their business a worthy investment. Outsourcing your logistics will cut down the time for the whole exercise and get your products faster to market. It usually takes less than a month to set up the agreement between the provider and the E-commerce store and start delivering to their customers nationwide.

2. 3PL Helps You To Avoid Unnecessary Investments

3PL helps you save by eliminating all of the unnecessary costs that you need to shoulder on your own when you set up your online business. Instead of renting your own warehouse space, buying delivery vehicles, and hiring staff to run your logistics, why not outsource the whole service at a variable monthly cost? The cost savings will be sizeable and your customers will receive premium delivery services on top of that.

Starting an Online Business? 3PL Can Help You Save! 2

3. You Will Boost Your Performance and Productivity

Outsourcing services is earning you more time for focusing on your critical functions. Logistics operations are time-consuming and require a lot of management and coordination from end to end. Your daily tasks will include scheduling deliveries, drivers, optimizing their routes to make sure you are cutting your costs, handling stock, returns, and the entire fulfillment of your inventory. At no time, you want to lose the transparency of your supply chain because then you may risk the quality of your logistics services. Now, why should a new E-commerce business have to consider all these processes when they can spend this time productively and develop a business plan that works for their products and marketplace…

4. Offer Best-in-class Shipping At No Extra Cost

Logistics specialists like Zendfast have years of expertise in providing Same-day, Next-day, and On-demand delivery for customers across Ireland. We work with grocers, retailers, financial institutions, food & drink businesses, pharmacies, and firms of all sizes and operations. We use the latest technological tools to optimize our customer’s parcel journey and provide fast shipping as well as quality customer service. Our drivers are the first point of contact to your shoppers so we take responsibility and great care into keeping your customers happy at delivery. By choosing our 3PL model you trust in the expertise of your provider and you don’t have to pay extra to receive personalized shipping services that will gain you many more returning customers.

Ready to start your new business venture together? Get in contact with our team and we will come back to you with more information and a quote!

Starting an Online Business? 3PL Can Help You Save! 3