Moving households can be a stressful undertaking! It all starts with the property hunting process, securing the place you love and finally getting to the actual moving stage. By that point you could be at the end of your rope, giving it many months, up to a year until you are fully comfortable with your new housing arrangement.

Our furniture delivery service can ease the burden on you during  this challenging journey. We provide effortless consignment of furniture from point-to-point without making you feel stressed about the service cost or getting strung out from doing the entire manual handling yourself.

Ship your furniture without any hassle 1

The Manual Handling Is On Us

As a responsible courier service, we understand the importance of what we do when it comes to keeping your valuable house items intact during shipping. Our professional teams of drivers are trained to handle heavy and fragile items with care so that they arrive at your desired destination in the condition they were received at collection.

Ship your furniture without any hassle 2

Ship Any Size And Weight

Regardless of what you are transporting and how big that is, we can provide the right vehicle to match the size requirement of your shipping consignment.

No Extra Packaging Required

We don’t ask you to spend a reckless amount of money on reinforced cardboard materials, foam or bubble wraps, as do most courier solutions. Oftentimes you may even be asked to provide new cardboard or affixed crates to transport your furniture safely. This adds a lot of extra costs and efforts to meet the demanding requirements of your courier, which we take away from you. Our team is trained into safely loading and making the right arrangement for your furniture into the vehicle so that it arrives in an intact condition.

Ship your furniture without any hassle 3

Speed Is Guaranteed

Zendfast can deliver your furniture from Dublin to anywhere in Ireland in the same day or next-day service. You needn’t wait for too long to receive your items safely and begin to get settled into your new home. We are guaranteeing you fast and efficient delivery service which is taking all your worries away from you as you move places.

Ship your furniture without any hassle 4

Peace Of Mind

Not long ago we read on the news about a couple who were moving homes and they were unfortunate enough to have their van stolen with all of their belongings. We think this can be a lesson learned for many of you who believe transportation is an easy job they could take care of themselves without a hassle. Our delivery services are affordable and easily accessible, guaranteeing you safe receipt of your valuables at your final destination! You can track your shipping at any point during the delivery process by registering to our online portal.

Ship your furniture without any hassle 5

Ship Furniture Anywhere

We also ship individual furniture items to office buildings, retail locations, warehouses and many more. Catering to your delivery requirements is our top priority regardless of your final destination.

Get in contact with Zendfast team and receive a quote for your delivery based on the items’ size, weight and delivery type.