One of the most confusing and challenging aspects of logistics today is, with certainty- the last mile of delivery!

The reason why this leg of the delivery journey is so important is that it is the final and most real point of contact between the customer and the shipper. In the globally rising market of e-commerce and online retail, we see logistics taking over the last part of the traditional shopping experience where customer interaction was previously in the focus.

How to overcome the pressing challenges of last mile logistics? 1

Another main trigger for coming up with new solutions and process improvements in the last mile of delivery is the growing popularity of “free shipping” and the unwillingness of customers to spare a little bit extra on fast same-day, next-day, or just-in-time delivery service. This has pushed many retail businesses and logistics companies to share the shipping bill as partners and to start coming up with new innovative ways to optimize their delivery journeys

How to overcome the pressing challenges of last mile logistics? 2

The Modern World is Becoming More Connected

E-commerce is undoubtedly making the world more connected with the help of logistics. Thanks to the development of the supply chains in response to the growing demand for quick same-day deliveries, we are seeing that transportation is also evolving by gaining omnichannel capabilities and better transparency in all stages of the delivery journey. Lockdowns, national curfews, and new limitations to traveling marked a new chapter for transportation as well, making a place for more innovation and technological breakthroughs in the last mile of transportation. What we see is a logistics market that is constantly changing and expanding based on the ever-growing demand for faster, safer and more cost-efficient delivery solutions.

How to overcome the pressing challenges of last mile logistics? 3

Why is It so difficult to find a quality final mile service?

According to a recent statistic, 70% of the leaders in the supply chain of the biggest retail brands in the US reported that they have experienced difficulties finding logistics services providers that offer comprehensive courier solutions with a last mile service.

Tackling the challenges of last mile logistics like multiple stopovers, congestion, route planning, etc. has certainly raised the bar on logistics companies offering this level of service. The limiting choice of quality shipping partners underlines the urgency for shifting the focus in the direction of the final leg of delivery, gaining better organization capabilities, and optimization of the transportation in all supply chains. Businesses that rely heavily on urban deliveries and busy multi-drop operations are certainly requiring higher functionality and more advanced delivery systems which cater to the needs of the client and their customers.

How to overcome the pressing challenges of last mile logistics? 4

What are the last mile resolutions?

Shipment Consolidation

This is just another logistics term for combining shipment orders into a full truckload in order to avoid waste of valuable carrier space. Consolidation of parcels is a good strategy for tackling the last mile delivery challenges and easing the big burden of last mile costs.

How to overcome the pressing challenges of last mile logistics? 5

Load optimization

After consolidating orders, you can move on with optimizing the space of carriers and organizing the shipments by prioritizing your efficiency with each multi-drop operation at maximum freight load.

New delivery services

Delivery lockers that accept packages from any courier company are a good strategy for resolving the last mile delivery challenge of missed deliveries. Unsigned and unattended drop-offs with packages are simply unfavorable options for the carrier companies, since this leaves a lot of room for negative customer feedback and just puts your customer experience at risk.

How to overcome the pressing challenges of last mile logistics? 6

Big data

Using data to learn to create route patterns and to build planning tools to optimize your delivery journeys is the only way forward in this last mile challenge. Learning about traffic management and distribution automation with the help of big data is definitely going to drive a lot of innovation in the sector in the near future.

Improving driver’s experience

Getting amenities for your drivers that make deliveries work more seamlessly is certainly helping with reducing the time of journeys and improving the customer experience at the final point of contact. Contactless payments, e-signatures, instant invoicing are only a few of the possible digital resolutions for this last mile delivery challenge.

How to overcome the pressing challenges of last mile logistics? 7

Courier providers which offer solutions in the final mile have a better competitive advantage in the logistics marketplace. Zendfast is a third-party courier company that offers comprehensive delivery solutions to customers – from order collection to distribution, consolidation, and the last mile of the delivery journey!

You can rely on us that you will be provided with an all-rounded courier solution which tackles the pressing problems of last mile delivery and offers you a bespoke approach for your unique business requirements.