A lot of business start-ups these days beat some operational costs by outsourcing various services. This could be anything, from IT maintenance, to brand marketing and courier services that find the customer a faster and more efficient way for implementing certain processes, constituting an important part of the business.

For this article, we are discussing the benefits of outsourcing courier services against being in charge of your whole delivery operations.

Outsourcing Courier Service Or Doing It In-house 1

Outsourcing courier services

Fleet costs

The most definite benefit of outsourcing your courier services is not spending on your own fleet of vehicles. Running even a single vehicle on a regular basis, as many of you may already know, incurs a lot of extra costs to your budget, for instance, storage fees, insurance, maintenance, etc. On most occasions, a single-vehicle to cover all orders in town won’t satisfy the needs of the supply, so the costs are even greater.

Outsourcing Courier Service Or Doing It In-house 2

Less risk

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see delivery drivers damaging packages, or worse off losing them entirely before they reach the recipient. A courier company, which you can trust to outsource their services, will provide you with insurance on lost or damaged goods. This way, you take less risk and suffer no monetary loss due to common staff errors.

Faster service

The best part of outsourcing courier services is the added value that you get for the price you pay. Choosing a third-party provider to look after your order fulfillment can significantly reduce both operational and capital costs while keeping your business on the leading edge with a fast and reliable shipping solution. Successful companies have something in common: They value customer satisfaction more than anything and they prioritize the needs of their customer first. If you are a takeaway business, speed is your first concern, so more added value will be required if the customer expects to receive their orders timely and in an excellent deliverable condition, for the extra price they pay on delivery.

Outsourcing Courier Service Or Doing It In-house 3

Insourcing courier services

Better control

There are some benefits to in-house delivery which a customer should be aware of before making an informed business decision. Some businesses prefer to be in charge of their own quality, so if they are too concerned about the tier of services provided, they should potentially consider in-house delivery and investing in courier infrastructure. The long-term benefits could give them greater control over the operations, which gives businesses more flexibility.

The good news is that outsourced delivery solutions like the ones we offer at Zenfast could be fully customized for your business, adding customer value and at no extra cost..

Outsourcing Courier Service Or Doing It In-house 4

Customer Service

Bigger companies rely vastly on good customer service. Big fast food chains offer a lot of branded content and provide additional customer service, which further promotes the brand and the products to create a loyal client base. If your company is very concerned with their image and there is more longer-term commitment to providing excellent customer service, then probably insourcing is not a bad idea.

Outsourcing Courier Service Or Doing It In-house 5

It’s important to remember that bespoke customer solutions with what we offer at Zendfast can be personalized with a dedicated driver or other brand-specific requests for delivery.

Final words

Outsourcing services is becoming increasingly beneficial for small startups, ambitious E-commerce businesses with a growing client base, and small-to-medium-sized food and retail businesses. There are many examples of good business models which work more smoothly by outsourcing expert help through services such as delivery, customer service, marketing, and IT. A lot of bigger companies, on the other hand, have more disposable income to invest in their own business strategy and infrastructure. On a final note, it’s important to remember that more responsibilities and greater control do not always mean greater efficiency or quality!

If you need to make an inquiry about our bespoke same-day, next-day, and on-demand courier solutions for your business, get in touch with our team and we will be with you shortly!