E-commerce sales are fast approaching the vast amount of $5 trillion in sales worldwide. Consumers’ shopping behavior has evidently changed over the course of 2020, from entertaining the traditional in-shop experience, to becoming more digitally-centric. This is of no surprise to most business owners who have already shifted most of their trade online (60% online vs. 40% offline, according to Global consumer behavior statistics) [1].

For retailers globally, that shift had a fairly negative impact on sales worldwide. But the big picture is far from grim. Despite the small drop in retail sales in 2020 (est. 3% decline), Ecommerce has grown immensely, and it is predicted to continue the trend in a rising fashion in 2021 as well.

Think about this as a great business opportunity!

We have already discussed in previous blog posts that change is organic, and quite frankly-rather commonplace in the normal course of events in the global market stage. This being said, continuous adaptation to the fluctuating market demands is the key to SME survival.

We can’t highlight any more how important it is to have a fast, effective and reliable courier solution in place during these times, if you pursue better, or even just a standard (‘normal’) mode of operations of your business in 2021.

At Zendfast, we use the latest technology to make sure your allotted deliveries arrive promptly on the designated location, at the specified time. We’re not new to this niche, and we are fast-adapting to the needs and demands of the marketplace and our customers. Your business success means a lot to us and we want you to know that we will continue to provide premium quality service; fully personalized, applying the unique personal touch– we know we can.

Our extensive experience gives us a broader perspective over the growing trend in using logistics solutions for freight, over the course of this year. We follow on the latest tech and financial news and innovation to make sure we’re staying up-to-date with everything – you as a customer- will need from us as a courier solution.

We can provide you with a comprehesive solution

With our portfolio of services from same-day, to on-demand and next-day deliveries, we take our job with seriousness and responsibility, while continuing to support the local trade in greater Dublin effectively, in every day of this year. During these challenging times, we are here to help all businesses with smart and responsive logistics solutions, round the clock, tailored right for your business needs in 2021.

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