The big flower buying rush typically starts less than two weeks before Valentine’s Day. This holiday is also known as the most important day for the flower industry globally, for which florists, couriers, and exporters prepare many months beforehand.

According to the findings of Rabobank, the global export of decorative plants and flowers exceed the soaring sum of 20 billion USD every year. Even though we don’t know exactly what fraction of this goes to the months before February, we can assume that the numbers are fairly high- based on the busy season for flower deliveries in the weeks before Valentine’s, compared to the distribution volumes we handle in the rest of the year. In Ireland, the export of cut flowers and plants has reached an all-time high in 2020 when the industry marked a peak of 20 million USD worth of international trade versus a total of 15 million USD in 2019. These stats can give you only a small picture of the flower delivery sector and the increase in popularity in new floral trends, same-day deliveries, and bespoke romantic surprises around the time of the 14th next month.

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Where Do Valentine’s Flowers Come From?

Before reaching the doorstep of your loved ones, your flower cuts will have already traveled thousands of kilometers to make it to their lucky recipients. Ireland ships the majority of our flower exports from the Netherlands (over 55% of the total annual cargo), followed by countries outside the EU such as Colombia, Ecuador, and Kenya. This serves as a beneficial foreign exchange of investments in local economic development for the OECD countries, which Ireland has partnered with for many years in this sector.

Inside The Flower Delivery Industry: From Ireland To The World 2

What is the process of organizing Valentine’s flower deliveries?

Long before the customer even considers making a romantic present for Valentine’s the preparation stages to supply local florists and merchants with the cut-flowers has already begun. This process usually starts several months before the 14th of February when flowers are grown, cut, and shipped fresh using chilled vans and trucks from international exporters. The logistics sector calls this transportation “cold chain” delivery due to the temperature-sensitive nature of the commodity. If the flowers are shipped from warmer countries, making this process go smoothly presents a bigger challenge for courier companies due to the sharp shift of the temperature conditions at every stage of the goods’ journey. In that instance, weather forecasting and temperature control are vital to make sure that the quality of the flowers is not reduced, as well as their lifespan before they reach the end customer. This is where first-rate logistics and correct handling of the flower deliveries are critical to maximizing the lifespan of your Valentine’s bouquets, months before the customer plans to make their order online with their local florists.

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Other important factors which we need to consider as carriers are the weather conditions that lead up to the holiday. Before and after the flowers are shipped from the depot to the florists and to the respective recipients, couriers have to make sure that cold winter spells won’t affect the quality of the flowers and disrupt the time frame in which they are expected to travel from point to point. This also requires superior organization of the courier company, since we know of the time constraints that customer demand poses on local florists and suppliers in these times. As a responsible delivery company, we also need to make sure that we need to respond with an adequate capacity of refrigerated vans to meet the tight delivery schedules everywhere across Ireland.

Valentine’s flower deliveries are often more complex than one may think! Logistics companies usually work hand in hand with florists who would make a very calculated estimate of their predicted sales and distribution over the holiday period. Overestimating these numbers could result in loss of inventory while underestimating them will lead up to poor sales figures and dissatisfied customers. This is why, looking at approaches by competitors, overhead from previous years and market stats can help to come up with the best possible account in the run-up to Valentine’s.

What are the most popular floral choices?

Traditionally, red roses have been the most popular choice of flowers by customers in any country. They are still the classic staple of saying “I love you”, along with cards, chocolates, and personalized messages to a special someone on the international day of romantic gift exchange. Apart from the mainstay of red roses on Valentine’s, customers also like to experiment with new varieties and custom-made bouquets from tulips, chrysanthemums, lilies, and small carnations, which have been high in popularity in recent years. Based on where the flowers originate, you can tell where they have been shipped from and how many miles they have traveled before they arrive at the doorstep of your special person!

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Where to shop this Valentine’s?

When shopping for Valentine’s flowers, most customers make their pick based on price, looks, and courier service availability. If you are looking to make a surprise gesture to your other half within greater Dublin, we recommend that you check these local florists and their blooming options. Mad Flowers is one of the best merchants in town for ravishing bouquets and flower arrangements in pots which will leave your eyes and hers in awe this Valentine’s. Teleflorists is another great pick for anyone who is short of clever romantic ideas as they look through presents or flowers and nothing strikes a chord with their idea of the “Perfect gift”. We also strongly recommend Pottymouth if you are looking for an alternative to the traditional bouquet options that your partner can keep for many months to come! Last but not least, we say you try Oasis florists and their range of deluxe flower offerings. In their great selection, you can definitely find something to match your taste and her style!

Coming close to Valentine’s, we recommend that you plan your flower deliveries beforehand to avoid unwanted disappointments.

The flower industry is growing in Ireland and internationally, same as same-day delivery services across Dublin and cross-country. We hope that in the following years we will work hand in hand with more floral businesses in the sector and endorse the local and global economies by driving bigger turnover and helping the industry grow even further!

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