You can have all the various technologies such as  AI, Augmented Reality, Robotics but if you don’t have the best drivers your service will fail.

Package, Parcel, same day delivery, courier

This is where Zendfast makes a difference: Our Drivers are our frontline staff, well mannered and trained professionals, representing the organisation as brand ambassadors.

Zendfast Best Sales Leads are coming from our Drivers

Delivery drivers are ambassadors for your company and your service and can be used to generate sales leads and promote the company. Retailers can now predict what else a customer might want, even if they didn’t order it. The concept of a mobile warehouse is gaining steam. The fulfiller can load non-committed inventory into delivery trucks, allowing drivers to upsell during the delivery process.

Drivers can also be used for sales leads generation and point of sale marketing. Drivers could bring items the consumer has ordered in the past or might need or want, processing a potential additional order at the point of delivery. Drivers can also be used to sell items that complement the items that they are now delivering. 

It’s a must to be on time every time with deliveries and to offer customers speed and convenience. At Zendfast we also have the best dispatchers in Dublin. Just another season for using

Our technology is fantastic but it’s nothing without the team.