You have probably seen us using some jargon like Bespoke Courier Solution and Off-The-Shelf when we refer to the quality of the services we deliver.

Customized courier service is vastly different from standard day-to-day delivery in our industry. This is why we’re here – to draw the line between the two and help you make more informed decisions for your recurring shipping consignments. By choosing a more suitable solution, you won’t need to worry about unfulfilled orders and the detrimental effects of poor customer satisfaction on your growing business!

Bespoke Courier Solutions – Why Do You Need Them? 1

Standard Courier Service Vs. Bespoke

In courier services, one size does not fill all customers! A standard off-the-shelf service guarantees that a consignment is collected from point A and delivered to point B – without adding extra value to the quality of the services provided. What these solutions miss considering is the exact nature of the consignment and key factors such as weather conditions and time of delivery. Undermining the importance of these can seriously affect the quality and reliability of the courier services by not meeting the appointed schedules, or worse off, delivering goods in an unusable condition.

Bespoke Courier Solutions – Why Do You Need Them? 2

Why do I need a bespoke courier solution?

The chances are that your supply chain as a business is more complex and it involves more than one supplier and multiple recipient destinations. In that instance, you are more likely to benefit from a bespoke courier solution than one that is off-the-shelf. There are plenty of factors that are outside of your control once your consignments are shipped out to their destinations. It could be that the weather conditions are poor and the route takes longer to operate than usual. If unfortunately, that happens to be the case, contractors will not be satisfied with your fulfillment and they are likely to incur some extra costs for the experienced downtime. The repercussions on your business can be detrimental if this scenario is played out repeatedly, or on multiple occasions.

Bespoke Courier Solutions – Why Do You Need Them? 3

Bespoke solutions understand your business needs

If a business requires daily shipping of consignments, organization and efficiency are key. Courier companies like Zendfast know that very well and so we provide our customers with bespoke courier solutions that go an extra mile by considering their needs to a T.

The purpose of bespoke solutions is to meet the expectations of all stakeholders for the quality of the delivery service provided, every time around.

Bespoke Courier Solutions – Why Do You Need Them? 4

What do bespoke solutions consider that off-the-shelf ones don’t?

Oftentimes, businesses have unique delivery requirements. It could be that the goods need to be transported in temperature-controlled conditions or the company needs to ship an unusually large consignment of pallets from one point of the country to another. We have a common use case of these services by businesses sending expensive, fragile, or large items from point A to point B. They choose bespoke in order to completely eliminate the risks of poor service quality or loss in item integrity. Bespoke solutions are also very flexible, so if a business needs to meet tight delivery schedules, they may need to consider this as an option.

Off-the-shelf solutions are often unpredictable and your business would not know what happens behind the curtain, how are the items handled, and the person delivering the service. Bespoke ones, on the other hand, are personalized solutions, which are usually implemented by dedicated drivers. It could be that the job required more than one driver to deliver a time-critical consignment. In that instance, a bespoke solution will do all it takes to meet your specific requirements as a business customer, who relies heavily on an efficient and safe courier service.

Bespoke Courier Solutions – Why Do You Need Them? 5

Take-home message

Bespoke courier solutions are more flexible and most of the time, more reliable than standard day-to-day shipping services. If you choose a tailored delivery, you know that your courier provider will have your best interests at heart. You will also know that your goods are safe and delivered on time. This way, you can make promises to your customers which are informed and impossible to break. Ultimately, this boosts your credibility as a business by showing the excellent capacity of your supply chain! Courier companies like Zendfast that offer bespoke solutions, treat your business as their own and we make the quality of every consignment our topmost priority.

Bespoke Courier Solutions – Why Do You Need Them? 6