6 Benefits of Having a Local Courier Service 1

With online business increasing and social distancing and restrictions continuing it can sometimes be hard to get important documents and parcels delivered promptly.

Businesses and individuals need a courier service that they can depend on. Zendfast is the answer to your problems. A local courier service with customer satisfaction as a top priority, we aim to overachieve in all manner of services. We employ the latest in tech and software so you can track and manage your deliveries and collections.

Doing business with a local courier service has many benefits which trump bigger businesses, here are 6 benefits of using a local courier service.

Local Couriers Know the Area

While Zendfast drivers, do of course use the latest in tracking and map software, we always employ people who know the area. Drivers who can predict traffic jams, know short-cuts and the best way to deliver your packages on time make up the Zendfast fleet. A local courier knows all the hidden alleys, shortcuts, and one-way streets, as well as traffic hours to avoid. 

Zendfast is focused on the Dublin area but is more than happy to deliver to all areas within a reasonable distance.

Small companies are more dedicated

As much as big companies invest in customer service, the human, friendly touch is lost when they must satisfy so many customers. Zendfast employs a personal touch when in contact with our clients. We do not want to be another big business who forgets who their customers are and the people who supported them. 

6 Benefits of Having a Local Courier Service 2

Quick and Secure Deliveries

As a courier service that cares about their customers, Zendfast is always looking for ways to improve. Our Dublin based depots allow us to quickly deploy drivers and to sort parcel and collections in a quick and easy manner. 

Our rapid turnaround times ensure packages are delivered faster and safer. Deliveries can be E-signed through a signature or photo, providing added safety.

You can choose between different packages

With Zendfast you can choose same-day delivery, next-day delivery or other long-term deals this ensures a continued service, which once set up you no longer worry about.

As a small company, it is up to us to put in place methods that ensure our customers’ needs and wants are met. 

Our package system allows us to strategically plan collections and deliveries ensuring you never have to worry about a package again.

We also have short notice safeguards in place when you need a package delivered promptly.

Reduce Your Stress and Worry

Zendfast takes the stress out of long waiting times, impossible to track shipping and confusing customer service. Our app and systems are the perfect way to always know exactly where your shipping is now, enjoy bespoke courier solutions while offering more competitive prices. In times of COVID-19, it’s incredibly important to have a reliable delivery company always – getting your shipping lost is everything but a relaxing experience. 


Go local, it’s a more sustainable option for the environment. Larger courier companies have depots throughout Ireland meaning packages must travel out of the county to come back again. 

This is a harmful waste to the environment something we at Zendfast aim to counter. Staying local means less use of fuel and shorter travel times.

If you are in the need for a local, professional courier service then don’t hesitate to contact Zendfast today, we are a local business, supporting local businesses.