Live open communication with all stakeholders at the click of a button. Drivers, senders, receivers operators all talking and communicating at the same time. Real-Time information, Where are you?, When will you be here? Can I change the address?, time and date, Can you deliver it to my office? my home? my friends?. Can you collect this on the way and return this? At Zendfast we are passionate about responding to these questions and providing a satisfying answer to our clients.

Interactive Communication

Bad communication is bad for business

We are aware of the importance of interactive communication and understand that if the Last-Mile Delivery Service had an arch-enemy, it would be Bad Communication. Therefore, it’s so important to keep all stakeholders up to speed with what’s going on with their consignments. It differentiates you from the rest, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. Timely, clear, truthful communication makes us a better company, Don’t be the same, be better!!! Zendfast offers a bespoke service based on your requirements. It’s a great customer journey.