When it comes to freight forwarding, there is no better base than Dublin for exploiting new trading opportunities and developing long-lasting partnerships with clients across the UK, EU, and the whole rest of the world. Thanks to the key geopolitical position of Ireland, local manufacturers and tradespeople can export and import goods or products to foreign markets at a lesser cost and better speed, now more than ever.

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New Belgium Euro Hub-Gateway to Europe and beyond.

Zendfast partnered with Team Logistics with the purpose to create a new Euro Hub for old and new clients, who are looking for lucrative trade gateways to Europe and beyond. We offer a highly competitive solution for logistical shipment that offers services like Break Bulk; Storage and Distribution of goods across Europe & along the Silk Road. We run daily departures of freight to Dublin by road from Egedam and Turnhout in Belgium. Both warehouse locations have a total of over 50,000 pallet positions to suffice all your needs for freight forwarding and storage of goods once the goods arrive on the European mainland.

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Our mission was not only to create a smooth-running logistical solution from Ireland to the rest of the world but also to provide an added value to the transportation services that our clients choose to use. We want to give customers a comprehensive solution that responds to their needs to a T while giving them the option to choose their best-suited mode of transport, shipping operator, and route alternatives. We want you to benefit more from a higher transportation efficiency, speed of delivery, and better cost savings when choosing our new logistical solution based in Belgium, as you explore lucrative new markets across Europe and the world.

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Shipping by Air, Ocean, Land, or Rail?

Moving goods cross-country or cross-continent requires a sufficient understanding of the different transportation modes and the ability of the provider to recognize the individual needs of the client. Team Logistics and Zendfast cater to your requirement by offering you a large range of options for transportation across land and sea while helping you to utilize the most efficient route networks from Europe to China. These two factors are of primary importance so we can ensure fast and efficient logistics services from point to point. Over the years both companies based in Dublin have built strong connections in the industry and gained an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality logistics services from Ireland to the world.

Our focus is to give you a freight transportation solution that works quickly without affecting the quality and the price of the logistics services.

We have Air transport connections from Brussels and Amsterdam, Ocean connections from Rotterdam and Antwerp, Short-sea connections through Zeebrugge, Hook of Holand, and Calais in France. We also have daily connections to the Silk Road in China by Rail through the two terminals in Tilburg (The Netherlands) and Liege (Belgium).

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What is a more affordable mode of transportation?

 Once you choose to use our logistics service, you will be provided with a tailored solution that meets your exact needs for cost and efficiency. We often get the question of whether Rail transportation is the most affordable freight forwarding option out there. There is no easy answer to this since the price varies based on your individual freight requirements (i.e pallet size, time of transportation, etc.). In general, we say that Rail freight is cheaper than Airfreight by nearly 30% and it is faster than Ocean air for the route China to our European Hub in Liege (20 days for transporting freight from point to point by Rail). Nevertheless, we think that Rail transportation is not a straight replacement of the other options and by all means, every other logistics alternative should be considered for the individual customer case.

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What do we offer?

  • Our new Euro Hub in Belgium puts us in a central geographical position, enabling us to provide our customers with better access to international markets and better trading opportunities.
  • Your stock will be looked after and proficiently managed during transit, breakbulk, and distribution to ensure that your goods reach the customers in excellent condition.
  • We can improve the speed of delivery from collection to the endpoint customer.
  • A solution that gives you less waste, damage, and obsolescence of your goods.
  • A reduction in the cost of logistics services as a percentage of your total revenue in sales.
  • Fast adabtibility to your ever-changing customer demands.
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What’s next?

Are you ready to grow your business globally? To explore new trading opportunities internationally at a minimum logistics services cost whilst achieving great efficiency of transportation, contact our team and we will provide you with a price estimation and a consultation explaining the next steps forward! We have the experience and expertise to answer all of your questions whenever you require professional advice and a personalized logistics approach. 

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Zendfast in Partnership with Team Logistics:

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