Last-mile delivery a challenge worth tackling…

At Zendfast we are exploring and examining the best solutions for the Last-Mile Delivery challenges. Transport systems and solutions are multifaceted. No one single process, app or technology will solve the challenges. And, as we have seen, some of the proposed solutions to of the Last-Mile Delivery might actually be making the situation worse.

Delivering in a new Dublin City Centre?

Imagine a city without on-street parking, using the roads for what they were meant to be used for “Driving On”. The only exceptions would be loading and offloading, construction and service vehicles, emergency vehicles, and people with disabilities. All parking would be in Car Parks or Park and Ride areas.  

Package, Parcel, same day delivery, courier

Can you imagine how much easier it would be to get around a city with no on-street parking? Sure park and ride solutions would have to be fully serviced with cafes, shops, buses and taxi services, bike and go-car services.

Delivery services to and from retailers plus a list of value add service to make users enjoy the experience of parking and driving in a traffic-free city.

Zendfast “Imagine” - An Effective Delivery Network 2