When we’re speaking of deliveries, we are aware of the many ambiguities to do with the best practices in the trade. Depending on the size and the ethics of the logistics company dealing with your orders, you can get a range of different services, if you choose to go with one company over another.

Also from a customer’s perspective it’s important to make informed decisions as to where and how your parcels are being handled. From the collection and the assortment of your orders to the last mile of your parcels’ delivery trail, you must know it all. 

This is the only way you can make sure your courier company is trusted with implementing the best practices, and you could be guaranteed you will be provided with excellent  delivery service in every leg of your parcels’ journey.

Your Parcel’s Delivery Journey in 6 Steps 1

Step 1: Arranging your delivery

Your parcel’s journey starts with your flick of a finger, using our tailor-made digital portal. We are utilizing smart technology to oversimplify the whole process when it comes to arranging your deliveries. Data and communication are the most powerful tools that enable us to log your deliveries into our system and forward them correctly to the next step.


Step 2: Collecting your delivery.

Once we have your order placed, we put our logistics algorithm in action through a carefully designed package system. This helps us to strategically plan your deliveries based on the time function you have chosen (same-day, next-day, and on-demand). We have multiple depots based in Dublin to make sure we allocate the right drivers by areas after parcels have been sorted for collection.

Your Parcel’s Delivery Journey in 6 Steps 2

Step 3: Out for delivery

After being collected from our delivery driver or your dedicated driver, your parcels are on their way to you. You can see the journey of the driver in real time and how close they are to you. Oftentimes our drivers have multi-drop operations which we plan through our smart system in advance.

Step 4: In the last mile of its journey

 You may think that the courier is in the area and they are having a hard time finding you, but they may actually be completing another job and coming to you afterwards. Smart platforms are easy to keep track of which makes it easier for you to not miss a single delivery. Once your parcel is in the last mile of its journey and nearer your destination, you are likely to be buzzed by a courier shortly. 

Your Parcel’s Delivery Journey in 6 Steps 3

Step 5: At your doorstep

We take real pride in how well-managed is our system for same-day, next day and on-demand delivery service. Coordinating your order to the point when it arrives to you safely- in the allocated time frame– is the real logistics challenge and feat. Zendfast is standing out as a courier solution because of our great experience with meeting the high demands of our customers in a timely manner. In addition, we apply a personal touch at delivery by promoting your brand, which boosts your sales undoubtedly over a period of time with using our services.


Step 6: Repeat customer

Once your parcel’s journey has been completed, we can hope to have you as a repeat customer!  Our goal and mission is to achieve high satisfaction with our services, which were provided at every step of the way. Any complaints and inquiries we deal with as they come. You can contact our team at any time with your questions before, during or after your parcel’s delivery journey. 

Your Parcel’s Delivery Journey in 6 Steps 4

Where is your parcel off to next?