Multi-drop services take up an important part of our courier delivery operations.

Zendfast offers a wide range of delivery solutions such as multiple parcel drop-offs, running on a same day, next day, and on-demand time function. Apart from that, we give you the option to choose from different logistics services, which can be tailored into a bespoke delivery solution- matching your specific needs.

From all other services, multi-drop stands out as one of the most efficient services in the logistics marketplace. Especially when you have multiple drops and pick-ups in one day, and these need to be distributed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Quick and efficient distribution

Multi-drop courier services explained

Choosing a multi-drop delivery service as your delivery solution allows you to save more time and money for your high volume of daily orders. Instead of utilizing a regularly planned courier service that uses multiple vehicles to organize different collections and their drop-offs, you could fulfill over 10 or more orders in a single journey, with multi-drop courier services. This solution needs a single driver and a well-trained logistics staff that is the brains behind the smart planning of your delivery route.  If you need to consolidate many different item bookings, you will obviously also need higher vehicle capacity, which we also provide as part of the service package.

High load capacity

Altogether, multi-drop couriers look like the most efficient and cost-effective option for your large volume distribution profile in the current climate of busy logistics, partnered with E-commerce. Our team is here to customize the best multi-drop same-day, next-day or on-demand courier services, while giving you peace of mind with a fully trackable system that informs you of your parcels’ delivery status at all times.  

What created multi-drop courier services?

E-commerce and online shopping have been steeply on the rise over the last few years. The result from this was a very high number of retailers turning to logistics companies for outsourcing their courier capacity when dealing with mid and high volume delivery loads. Currently, the demand for very well-timed delivery slots and improved quality of the logistics services provided is the highest it’s ever been, making it much harder for clients to find a reliable solution that can serve their specific purposes. Multi-drop couriers have turned out to be the go-to option for a lot of retailers that want to offer quick and highly available delivery services to their many customers.

What are the benefits?

By promising a same-day or a next-day delivery to all customers, you increase your chances of attracting new customers and retaining old ones. You will gain a competitive edge in your marketplace and your company can scale up operations in no time by focusing on your core functions. Another great benefit from multi-drop delivery services is boosting your customer satisfaction by guaranteeing a consistent delivery that is timely and highly reliable. There’s nothing more important than keeping your customers happy and turning them into loyal return business partners!

Boosting your customer satisfaction

What type of deliveries can you serve in a multi-drop solution?

Regardless of the size of your retail business or the nature of your deliveries, you can always make use of our multi-drop urgent delivery support. We will provide you with a vehicle that has a load capacity matching your parcel’s dimensions ideally, without wasting on valuable journey space. Typically, our customers choosing multi-drop deliveries are small to midsized retailers of perishable items, e-commerce stores, and other companies, distributing items in stock.  Managing your multi-drop deliveries of higher package or pallet sizes is also a possibility based on your individual business needs.

Multi-drop food deliveries in chilled van

Multi-drop deliveries are eco-friendly

By choosing multi-drop courier services, you are not only going for a more cost-effective solution, but also for a greener alternative. Using less petrol and vehicles to complete multiple deliveries in a single journey surely makes this solution sound like a far better choice in the context of sustainability and environmental protection.   

To find out more about what our multi-drop services have to offer for your specific requirement, you can contact us directly or request an instant quote.

Our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible with more details about our bespoke logistics solutions.