Have you yet thought about what the benefits are of using a refrigerated van to transport your goods to customers? There are, in fact, quite a few we’d like to share with you from experience.

Zendfast is a logistics business that understands the market trends and demands. We appreciate the many commercial benefits of using a chilled van to ship your fresh food, flowers, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and we encourage businesses to think about the competitive advantage they can also have, if they choose to use this delivery solution.

What do you need a chilled van for?

You may have come up with an immediate answer to this question. Yes, food is the most common delivery purpose of chilled vans for storing various dairy and meat products, as well as fresh fruit and vegetable produce, preventing them from getting spoiled under normal or warm conditions. The list goes on with food products, but we don’t only use refrigerated vans to deliver food. Flowers are a great example for using a chilled van whilst maximizing their shelf life. Various cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive products are often also a common cargo, we get to see in temperature-controlled vehicles. Less common examples are antiques and some fine-art paintings, looking to be kept in pristine condition prior to delivery.

Extra benefits

1. Your business grows

Outsourcing your deliveries in a chilled van, allows you more flexibility with shipping to new and old customers. If your goods are temperature-sensitive, you are slightly limited by how long you can be spending on a delivery and how far you can deliver it. Chilled vans eliminate this worry since you can then reach more customers at more remote locations. A refrigerated van is kept at the right temperature conditions overnight as well, and you needn’t worry about your food, flowers or else going off if not delivered on time. By using a chilled van to transport your goods you can also attend more remote food and drink fairs or conferences to showcase your produce to a larger audience.

2. You boost your customer satisfaction

Everybody prefers having their food orders look fresh. Amazingly enough, delivering goods in chilled vans has a big impact on customer perception and how they see your brand and products. It is for a fact that great looks sell and you can achieve this easily if you ship in temperature-controlled conditions. You can eventually build a customer base that is loyal because of the consistency in the service and goods your customers receive.

3. It is a cost-effective alternative

Outsourcing your logistics is more cost-effective than buying and managing your own fleet of vehicles. If you trust Zendfast as a third party logistics provider to handle your deliveries, you will have a lot more time to focus on your internal processes and growing your business strategically. We offer same-day, next-day and on-demand delivery functions which will cater to your company needs. You have nothing to worry about vehicle repairs and the associated costs with them anymore, because we provide a comprehensive service to you as an outsource logistics solution.   

It’s time for your business to grow…

In logistics, we have seen how so many small factors come into play together, to give different businesses that competitive edge that they need. Using a chilled van to deliver your goods is one of these examples that can make a whole world of difference for your customers, boosting their satisfaction and growing your brand locally, or even globally!