Many of you are still separated from your loved ones this Christmas for one or another reason. Others choose to send their presents using courier services as a faster and safer way than traveling and carrying many, or bulkier items by themselves.

As we all know, the time before Christmas is the business period for courier providers like Zendfast. We are hopeful that you have already managed to send your presents in time for your family festivities. In case you haven’t, we have a quick few tips for you here that will help you with this year’s urgent holiday parcel load or for future Christmases yet to come.

Sending Last-minute Presents Across Ireland or Internationally this Christmas? 1

  1. Christmas presents not to be left for the last minute. Ops, you did it again.

In this year, similar to other ones in the past, we have seen an overload of courier services- delivering parcels across Dublin and Ireland right before the holidays. There’s nothing wrong with last-minute Christmas shopping but it’s always better if you try to plan ahead of time in case you want to send your parcels over to your family that’s far away from your town, or city. The safest way to avoid network delays and potential delivery delays is by giving your presents 10-4 days before Christmas day to make their safe journey from door to door. It’s always better early than late! What happens then if you couldn’t make it in this time frame and you are dodging to make it on time for the 25th? Get in contact with us and we will come back to you with a quote. A lot of our drivers will still be operating during the holidays so you might as well make it on time for Christmas!

2. Post office quest take up more time than ordering a courier to the door

If you’re running late and you’re worried your presents may not arrive within the time you wanted, first, you need to ease the holiday stress! Second, you need to reconsider going to the post office and wasting another hour or two of your day while queueing to get your parcel shipped. The best thing you can do if you are racing against the clock is to order a courier to your door. Our point-to-point same-day and next-day delivery services are proven to work more efficiently than conventional postal orders. Also, oftentimes we will be able to give you a better quote for your items based on size, weight, and nature of your items. Bulkier presents such as bikes, furniture, and expensive equipment are always advisable to send via courier company that will guarantee you safe and fast transportation.

Sending Last-minute Presents Across Ireland or Internationally this Christmas? 2

3. Packaging is also important

Depending on what gifts you are sending, you must still ensure that you give enough time to your packaging process. The best advice is to send gifts that are not fragile and do not require a lot of insulation against damage in transit. However, as we know from experience, Christmas is usually the time to make newfangled presents of bigger size and cost. This is why we still advise you to take time with this step and make sure your item is fully ready for posting. A lot of people like to add extra decorations, Christmas wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons to give their gift the proper festive edge, which is totally fine. What you need to do in that instance is cover up your festive packaging with an extra layer of paper or a cardboard box that will keep the contents safe. Adding polystyrene between your present your top layer box is also advisory. If you were to send your present without an extra layer, unfortunately, we won’t be able to guarantee that the packaging of your present will arrive without a scratch to its recipient. This is why we expect our customers to consider the nature of their deliveries in advance of the despatch.

Sending Last-minute Presents Across Ireland or Internationally this Christmas? 3

4. What to do if you are making a last-minute delivery internationally?

First of all, don’t panic because we have you covered. If you are sending presents to a country in Europe or the UK, your items may still arrive before New Year’s Eve. It’s not the end of the world if your family receives their gifts after Christmas day…It’s always better late than never! Make sure you call us and request a quote for your international packages. We can send to most countries in the world, including the US, Mexico, Singapore, and Nigeria. We are also partnering with a big number of logistics companies abroad that can facilitate your international deliveries outside Ireland.

Sending Last-minute Presents Across Ireland or Internationally this Christmas? 4