If we have to think of one definition for same-day delivery, it is the convenience of online shopping, combined with the immediacy of traditional bricks-and-mortar stores. The popularity of this delivery service climbed a lot in the recent years, attracting more and more online retailers to offer this shipping function for their customers.

Same-day deliveries are changing the way we shop 1

Several years back, same-day delivery was only available for bigger retailers that could afford to maintain the logistics infrastructure and guarantee their customers the promised speedy delivery. Nevertheless, things have changed for an endless list of e-commerce platforms and stationary shops which have started to utilize same-day delivery as an outsourced logistics solution.

From The Seller’s Perspective

Same-day delivery service is not only an achievement from the logistics side of the business, but also from the seller’s perspective. Imagine if you were able to offer this delivery function, in addition to your in-house or takeaway purchasing functions. You will certainly experience an increase in sales due to the urgency and the speed offered with every purchase. If there were ever customers that didn’t like shopping online because of the long waiting times, now these groups can be targeted and your sales can pinnacle, by offering a same-day delivery function.

Same-day deliveries are changing the way we shop 2

From Our Perspective

Mastering same-day delivery requires the overcoming of many logistics challenges! Two of the most substantial ones are definitely the very short window between dispatch and delivery, as well as the flexible last-mile delivery of the company. Of course, there are a lot of other important factors coming into play, which make same-day delivery a feasible function, available to all. The logistics operator should certainly have an established network of couriers, supported by innovative technology and lucrative service fees to attract more customers.

Same-day delivery services are becoming more accessible to online retailers also due to the affordability of the solution. This is certainly the case for more metropolitan capital cities, such as Dublin, where the logistics network is firmly established and it is successfully catering to plenty of existing customers round the clock.

Same-day deliveries are changing the way we shop 3

Why choose same-day delivery?

Integrating a same-day delivery experience gives your customers the option to choose. This by itself can be a great approach to attracting new customers, who want to know they can have their urgent shopping delivered by your store, rather than that of your competitor. Same-day receipt of parcels and more expensive items are certainly becoming more commonplace, but we are certainly expecting to see more and more customers turn to this shipping solution for smaller-sized orders because of its greater availability and affordability. 

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