Small and large retailers all over the world are turning to same-day delivery for their customers. The demand is growing, so is the return of investment with this logistics strategy, which promises businesses more customers and bigger conversion rates in no time.

More and more people are getting drawn into the idea of offering same-day delivery service in their supply chain, but what makes some of them more prepared to takes this next step forward in the development of their logistics?

In this article, we are discussing several headlines from the logistics space and putting them into a customer’s perfective with regards to better profitability and more effective business planning!   

Being able to cater to same-day delivery is a successfully proven approach to boost your sales. Its a profitable strategy for your supply chain.

This is certainly the case with a growing number of businesses relying on online merchandise. The chances that your business won’t benefit from shorter lead times to delivery are slim. However, the main question here is whether this will be something your company is worth investing time and effort into. The best advice here is to find out what your customers’ expectations are according to your different product lines, and decide whether to go forward with a plan and a proper execution to it. There are a whole lot of marketing studies and survey templates that can be used to study the buying preferences of your customers and discover new profitability strategies for the future.

Are there useful software management systems that can help me automate my same-day deliveries?

Once you are more confident about your customer expectations, you can move onto finding the right software to automate your distribution and warehouse operations. A good management system that handles your order distribution looks at your customer’s location and where your inventory is based. In the end, it should show you the cost for this fulfillment and help you understand your prospects with providing this service for an extended period of time.

Warehouse management system is a type of software support that you can get for automating your order releases. These tools can follow your business rules based on how you set up your automation system and whether you offer same-day delivery services to customers. Urgent packages can be prioritized with warehouse shipment software, which helps you significantly with organizing your order collection in a very short space of time.

How to provide same-day delivery transportation?

This is perhaps the most challenging step in providing a same-day delivery service after managing your distribution and warehouse automation. Finding the right vehicles at the right time and allocating them with the most suitable routes to their destinations is the greater challenge in this undertaking.

One way to cater to the same-day delivery service is to invest in your own fleet and use your software automation tools to start making as many multi-drop journeys per day as possible. Over time you are surely going to start optimizing your routes and reducing the journey time, thus making same-day deliveries more profitable for your business.

Another option for you is outsourcing your transportation with a third-party courier provider which can give you a solution without adding extra costs and burdensome commitments to your business. One of the most important factors to consider when you promise your customers same-day service is catering to their needs by providing the service timely and consistently. Using a third-party logistics provider is usually the safest option for small and mid-sized businesses which have no experience and limited capital resource. This way your transport expenses will be mitigated and you are guaranteed to be meeting your customers’ expectations at all times.

Is it profitable?

To be sure whether or not providing a same-day delivery service in your supply chain is worth your time, you can perform comprehensive market research and learn about the tools which can get you one step closer to automation of your urgent deliveries. Once you are more aware of the responsibilities you have to take as a business offering same-day, you can consider your transportation options and the most viable ones on the market. Third-party logistics providers like Zendfast are always happy to provide companies with consultations regarding logistics solutions and your specific needs.