Covid-19 Deliveries – Protocol for Home-Delivery

Zendfast is training its delivery staff in best practices for respiratory hygiene, proper and frequent hand washing and identification of associated symptoms. All orders are ordered online reducing the risk of infection through contact with money. We aim to keep your safety at the forefront of our business objectives.

Please Stay Safe 2

What should customers do to stay safe?

  • Only order what you need online.
  • Do not touch or sign any handheld devices that the courier might have.
  • Maintain your distance from the Courier.
  • Wash your hands right away after receiving home delivery.
  • Ensure that the packaging is intact.
  • Discard all packing material.
  • Continue to wash your hands after handling new deliveries that come into the house.
  • Do Not Tip the driver
  • Please stay safe – This will help to break the chain of any infection
Package, Parcel, same day delivery, courier

Drivers need to be extra careful and adhere to the following protocols:

  • Please carry hand sanitizing gel and wipes and use them after each delivery.
  • Leave package in Porch and stand back until the door is open and the customer receives their goods.
  • Remind customer to clean their hands after handling the package.
  • Do not accept tips.
  • Please stay safe.

Please Note- Food needs to be packed in such a way that does not expose the food directly to human contact. Food needs to be wrapped and sealed to ensure food security right up to the time of delivery.

For additional information check out the following information provided on the links below: