Let’s just say that good service is the cornerstone of most businesses. A lot of you, I hope, would agree with me already.

Regardless of your industry, applying a personal touch, a customized service or product experience, along with unwavering professionalism- to add to these two- can take your business sky-high. Even without further proof, you must have already experienced, as a business-owner, how much these three factors have affected your trade and sales performance, from your past experience.

Personalized Service Helps Your Businesses Grow 1

Great Feedback Is Everything

Positive feedback on its own is many companies’ No. 1 focus and there is no game of chance in this business strategy. Or call it, a marketing strategy. Large corporations invest a significant portion of their revenue annually into carefully thought-over campaigns that are very customer-focused, aiming solely at boosting the company’s profile.  Microsoft is one of those great examples, which despite offering digital products and services for the most part; it relies massively on the positive feedback of their users by promoting numerous free applications and software. Freebies are certainly something to get hooked onto, and get you signed up to a service or products, as we all know from a consumer’s point of view.

Unfortunately though, most small and mid-sized businesses can’t afford to promote their brands by organizing costly giveaway campaigns or offering free services on tap.

Personalized Service Helps Your Businesses Grow 2

Personalized Services Instead

This is where your personalized approach can come to the rescue. This is a well-known practice in business, utilized by a number of big and small enterprises. Another good example here is Etsy, which relies primarily on personalized goods and services, and it’s thriving beyond all apprehension, having increased their revenue with 128% last year.

With all this being said, we’d like to make some space to explain why personalized courier service is exactly what we were referring back to in the previous paragraphs, as an effective business strategy. Delivery has become one of the fastest-expanding industries in the Western world over the course of the last few years. Online shopping quickly became the new norm of making business for millions of retailers, and ‘good customer service’ was all of a sudden something like a blast from the past. Previously, companies were putting so much effort into finding ‘the right person for the role’ that was their first point of contact with their customers. Now, this trend has largely shifted. Your couriers have become your first and most important intermediate between you, as a company, and your customers.

This is where a personalized approach is pivotal to get your products out there and reach out to your shoppers, hopefully making them your repeat customers.

We know that and we are here to help you out by providing you with the personal touch and the personalized approach to your delivery service which will help your businesses grow.

Personalized Service Helps Your Businesses Grow 3

How Can We Help?

·                     We can assign dedicated dispatchers to perform your daily delivery operation, which means that they will become fluent in no time with your business needs, saving you valuable time (and so resources) to familiarize with your products, routes and processes. This is what we call a personalized service.

·                     Having a dedicated driver take care of your deliveries means good customer service, and not just good service. Having the same persons deliver your orders will make a big difference to your customer experience, earning their trust immensely.

·                     Last but not least, having a dedicated driver do your deliveries means that you can rely on having them spread the word about your products and new launches. We are here to be the first point of contact that will help you scale up your business by popularizing your brand and keeping your customers well-informed.

Personalized Service Helps Your Businesses Grow 4

All in all, having a personalized courier service that applies the right approach can make a whole world of difference in how your customers perceive your business, service or products. This is not just words said, but our story told, from experience.

Our Trusted Courier Service

Zendfast is a responsible courier service that has a number of delivery offerings for business and personal use, which we grow and develop constantly to suit our client’s needs and demands. Feel free to check out our Services pages and find the best one for you! Our clients team will help you with your queries and answer your questions with regards to our operations.