Partnership with Mad Flowers 2

Mad Flowers is an Irish-based online florist that specialises in creating beautiful floral arrangements for various occasions.

Client background

Partnership with Mad Flowers 3

The company has a strong online presence, offering its customers an easy and convenient way to purchase flowers and have them delivered to their desired location.

Partnership with Mad Flowers 3

Mad Flowers has a wide range of customers, including individual consumers and corporate clients.

Client needs

Mad Flowers requires a reliable courier service that can help them deliver their floral arrangements to their customers quickly and efficiently.

As an online business, Mad Flowers’ success heavily depends on the quality of their delivery service.

Therefore, they need a courier service that can offer them same-day delivery services for their daily and weekend orders, as well as nationwide deliveries to their retail stores, garages, and wholesalers.

Moreover, Mad Flowers often receives special requests from their customers for bespoke delivery services, which require a flexible and accommodating courier service that can adapt to their specific needs.

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Solution provided

Zendfast’s partnership with Mad Flowers provided the perfect solution for their delivery needs. Zendfast offers same-day delivery services for Mad Flowers’ daily and weekend orders, ensuring timely delivery of their floral arrangements. Zendfast’s nationwide delivery services also help Mad Flowers deliver their products to their retail stores, garages, and wholesalers across the country.

Zendfast’s flexible and accommodating approach to delivery services also allows them to cater to Mad Flowers’ bespoke delivery requests. Their experienced drivers, state-of-the-art technology, and excellent customer service ensure that Mad Flowers’ deliveries are always handled with the utmost care and efficiency.


Zendfast’s partnership with Mad Flowers has resulted in an excellent delivery service that has helped Mad Flowers establish a strong reputation in the industry. Their fast and reliable delivery services have earned them many satisfied customers, while their flexible approach to delivery has allowed Mad Flowers to cater to their customers’ specific needs.
Mad Flowers has also experienced increased sales and revenue due to the reliability and quality of their delivery service, which has helped them establish themselves as one of the leading florists in the country.

Partnership with Mad Flowers 6


Zendfast’s partnership with Mad Flowers has proven to be a successful collaboration, providing Mad Flowers with a reliable and efficient delivery service that has helped them grow their business and establish a strong reputation in the industry. Zendfast’s commitment to customer service, technology, and flexible delivery options has made them the perfect partner for Mad Flowers’ delivery needs.