Zendfast Next Day Delivery

Zendfast Next Day Delivery gives businesses who need help to deliver nationwide, a platform to organise this through a superior next day network. When you have a product/package that needs to be handled with care Zendfast offer a superior delivery service which sees your package been given the most direct route possible.

With good quality drivers, routes which are less traveled and packages which a handled better, we get your products delivered safer, on time and better. Zendfast Next Day Delivery is a premium high-quality courier service which suits businesses who value quality over cheaper alternatives.

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What you need


Zendfast Next Day Delivery 2


Have your goods delivered in a better way than your traditional courier service. We do this through better routes using experienced drivers and distribution centers which are less busy.

Zendfast Next Day Delivery 3

Boost efficiency

Computerized dispatch and a hands-on approach helps save time organising your delivery process from start to finish.

Zendfast Next Day Delivery 4

Timely service

We can get your package anywhere in Ireland at a specific time slot.

Zendfast Next Day Delivery 5

Client experience

The many features like our notifications and track/trace so you’re on top of your delivery methods and consignees are delighted.

Zendfast Next Day Delivery 6

Increase reliability

Zendfast has fantastic drivers and utilize excellent technology to get items delivered securely as point-to-point reduces handling errors.




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