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⚫ What is a Next Day Courier Service in Cork?

Every day of the week our drivers operate next day delivery from Dublin to Cork and from Cork to Dublin. We can provide you with an unbeatable Courier Service that always works on time!

⚫ What are the delivery requirements?

There are no delivery requirements with this next day delivery solution. If you wish to transport small or large items, or ones in bulk – we can help you and deliver for the following day.

⚫ What are the benefits of using our Next Day Delivery in Cork?

➡Your deliveries will be received on time.
➡Your items will be handled with care.
➡Our couriers are experienced and highly reliable.
➡You can track your delivery in real time.
➡You will never miss a delivery with our next day delivery solution!

⚫ Why should I choose this Next Day Delivery from Dublin to Cork / Cork to Dublin?

Should you require urgent and secure courier service, we will deliver!

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Top Benefits:

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Rapid response same day collection and delivery service. Time is money.

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Quality service

A dedicated driver can be inducted, trained and designated to you. This will improve your delivery service.

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Improve reliability

We have great drivers and use great technology to get items delivered timely and securely as point-to-point reduces handling.

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Increase efficiency

Automated dispatch, helps save time organising your deliveries. You are outsourcing work to Zendfast and our software.

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Customer experience

Features like our notifications and track/trace so your customer is happy and informed

Next Day Courier Service

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