In a world where same-day and next-day fast deliveries for clients were perfectly alike, we wouldn’t have the need for bespoke courier solution offerings.

But as we know from practice, there are no two clients who have the same courier services requirements for their deliveries. This can easily be explained by the complexity of supply chains and the unique approach of businesses with managing their distribution and delivery. Product shipping specifications are also another main factor that puts off-the-shelf courier offerings in a larger perspective. Most standard courier services simply cannot meet the individual needs and demands by clients while they try to set high promises for cost-efficiency, which rarely reflect the reality of using the service in real life.

How Does a Bespoke Courier Solution Beat Off-the-shelf? 1

What does bespoke courier solution offer to customers?

A lot of customers who have only ever used off-the-shelf courier services, choose to move to a bespoke solution that recognizes their specific needs. Whether this is for a same-day or next-day delivery of their consignments, these customers usually never go back to standard delivery services, where they get little for the price they pay, and none at all personalization of their courier service.

How Does a Bespoke Courier Solution Beat Off-the-shelf? 2

Bespoke courier solution considers all factors. How?

No matter the number or the size of the pallets you are transporting, bespoke courier providers like Zendfast should be able to fulfill your specific request. Customers usually have unique requirements as to how long would the transit time be, or what would the storage temperature be kept at during delivery. We also often get inquiries about specific handling methods used by the dedicated drivers, which vary bases on the nature of the delivery. Adding a ‘personal touch’ at the endpoint destination is another common feature of bespoke courier services, which clients find great value in, over time. Plenty of online retailers are relying on bespoke courier services to increase their customer satisfaction and boost their company profile with great success.

How Does a Bespoke Courier Solution Beat Off-the-shelf? 3

Greater range of delivery options

Many clients who turn to bespoke delivery services have consignments of specific shape or size that off-the-shelf courier solutions can’t cater to. It could be that the items are too heavy or in an unsual shape, making the delivery itself more tricky to fulfil.

Bespoke courier solutions are also perfect for client that are contrained by the time of their deliveries. With a lot of these, the courier providers works as a partner to their client, who is urgent to meet their deadlines. Otherwise, they risk suffering capital loss or poor customer satisfaction altogether. When time is the leading factor, bespoke courier solutions are the best ones to fit the narrow window of delivery, prioritizing time over everything!

Deliveries which must be handled with great care are also a subtype of what bespoke courier solutions have to offer. These could be lab samples or expensive equipment which need to move from point A to point B in a very calculated time window. These are also refered to as time-sensitive deliveries, but they require extra care in transit.

How Does a Bespoke Courier Solution Beat Off-the-shelf? 4

The voice of the client matters

What makes bespoke courier solutions so sought after these days is how well heard the voice of the client is throughout the whole process of delivery. Since this service is not one-size-fits-all, we know that the guidelines of the client are of utmost importance to make sure that we meet their specific requirement. This way businesses can be directly involved and shippers have the peace of mind that their consignments are handled just as well as initially requested.

How Does a Bespoke Courier Solution Beat Off-the-shelf? 5

How does same day bespoke delivery work in practice?

We often get inquiries from clients for same day delivery that must be prioritized as an emergency. These should usually arrive to the recipient by the end of the day, regardless of how far the final destination is. When we operate same-day deliveries across Ireland, we usually set off as early in the morning as possible and we make sure that the whole distance is travelled within the allocated time frame. In that instance we would also appoint more than one driver for the job so that there are no stop-overs on the way and the consignme,nt reaches your final point successfully!

How Does a Bespoke Courier Solution Beat Off-the-shelf? 6

Bespoke courier solution beats off-the-shelf

There are a number of good reasons why you should choose a bespoke courier solution over off-the shelf. And it does not only come down to the unique delivery requirements which off-the-shelf cannot really meet. Cost-efficiency is also an important factor to consider when opting for one or the other services since bespoke deliveries are often also more affordable, more efficient and they offer better gains and tangible benefits overall.

To find out more about what bespoke courier solutions have to offer, contact us and make your ‘bespoke’ inquiry!