Zendfast.com has been watching the market closely and with optimism for our industry. The reason we went into business in 2015 and set up Zendfast was because of the massive growth projections of eCommerce and demand for delivery services in Ireland and globally.

However, this massive growth in e-commerce and online shopping is having a negative impact on retail businesses. With every passing month, the graph is showing a clear growth pattern for e-commerce at the expense of the bricks and mortar retail options.  The introduction of Covid-19 has changed the way we shop forever. The days of browsing through the shops trying on clothes, checking out books and bumping into people are over. The mindset has changed and people now want to get in and out of a shop as quickly as possible. What’s the point of buying a party dress if there is no party to go to?  Retailers need to digest this trend and invest in eCommerce now more than ever.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technologies in last-mile delivery and it will continue to do so in the aftermath of the virus creating a competitive advantage among key logistics players in the industry. Companies have already started to consider brick-and-mortar stores as warehouses in their distribution chain. Zendfast rebranded just before COVID and is catering for some solutions for businesses which were not so evident before coronavirus kicked off but are growing and more in-demand since. We are grateful for this slice of luck or genius foresight, we will take either opinion.

Last-mile delivery will certainly not look the same after COVID-19, smart companies are preparing for a massive shift in retail habits to come once restrictions are lifted.  Logistics companies will have to rapidly adapt their supply chains. Cashless online trading with deliveries to your door is now the growing shopping method.

Technology will help make the customer experience a happy one. Full viability with multi choices on delivery times, dates and addresses. Real-time interaction with consumers and return policies that are equal to the inbound service. Speed, quality, green logistics and the customer experience will decide whether or not there is another order.

The smiling faces at your local store or outlet will be replaced by clever online marketing, customer service and after-sale teams. The team for businesses online logistics suppliers is going be flexible, tech savvy, green and clean.