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Home Delivery is becoming a logistic necessity.

Home delivery of food and medicine has now become an essential service. Two weeks ago the logistics world was primarily working on new technologies to streamline and automate the supply chain. AI, drones, autonomous vehicles, and blockchain was the order of the day. 

Now we are in survival mode and the only supply chain that matters are products that meet our basic requirements of food, water, medication and cleaning products. Mass closures of non-essential business and people self-isolating are a new reality.

Please click on this link for a checklist provided by the government to help businesses throughout this Covid-19 period.

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The Irish Government needs to deliver for every home and business

So, what’s needed now are clear timely truthful communication from government and world leaders. People are urged to adhere to guidelines and required to keep a social distance from others. Now, social media has become so important and a great way to stay connected to friends, loved ones and of course business.  Thankfully, the internet allows us to keep the business wheel turning. Home deliveries once seen as a luxury for many is fastly-moving to be an ‘essential service’.  

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Dedicated Last-mile delivery specialists

At Zendfast, we’ve got the experience and infrastructure to make home deliveries a reality across greater Dublin. Business is still working behind closed doors in many industries throughout this crisis. If your a business looking for an effective way to get your goods delivered to your customers, start the conversation with Zendfast today. Our Zendfast Connect solution may be an ideal fit for your organisation.