Over the course of 2020 we have grown really accustomed to see these new food delivery trends becoming more firmly incorporated into our everyday lives. What was previously something like a modern commodity for big restaurant chains and grocers, today it is the main channel for small hospitality businesses to reach their customers and to sustain their livelihood.

Food delivery trends we will continue to see in 2021 1

There are several trends that we believe we will continue to see for the remaining of this year, and quite likely for many more to come.

Third-party delivery

Driven by the large shift in consumer behavior, delivery was on the rise rapidly as a third-party solution. Small and large stores were looking to partner with companies like Zendfast, so that they can respond to the changing market demands. Local grocery stores, retail shops, cafes and hospitality were looking to outsource their delivery operations so they could maintain customer loyalty with their novel fulfillment delivery functions. In no time thanks to the fine partnering between courier solutions and clients looking to outsource their delivery, automation was achieved with great success.

Food delivery trends we will continue to see in 2021 2

In-house delivery

Another interesting trend which we managed to see this last year and to endorse via our custom-made tech solution is in-house delivery. There were a whole lot of businesses which were prepared to invest in their own delivery management system while gaining better visibility and control over their operations. We managed to respond to the rapidly rising interest in exploring in-house delivery solutions by providing smart platforms which were organizing and planning the deliveries via an app.

Food delivery trends we will continue to see in 2021 3

Food delivery subscription

The trend of getting subscribed to receiving food deliveries started before the global pandemic and it’s continuing now full force. The only avid difference is that there is a growing number of people from various age groups who are making use of this service to experience pre-prepared meals as well as menu kits with ingredients you can cook yourself. Subscription for food delivery kits was seen as a convenience-based trend and it’s gradually growing to become more like a form of experiencing different cuisines and tastes in the comfort of your own home.

Food delivery trends we will continue to see in 2021 4

This past year we’ve seen most industries reform to fulfill their customer needs and demands through new online channels and delivery platforms and services. As a courier provider we expect to see these trends growing and expanding even further by offering their customers the convenience and accessibility to foods and experiences sought after by people of all ages. 

Zendfast is a responsible courier company that helps small businesses with outsourcing their deliveries and using smart technology in-house. We invite you to visit our services page for more information!