Are you struggling to find a dependable food delivery service for your valuable goods?

Perhaps you don’t have the time or resources to train new employees or furnish them with vehicles. Then maybe Zendfast can help. We are a local, professional, and trusted courier service who provide transport and logistics solutions to business and private clients all over Dublin.

For those in the food industry, time is money and time is also important to the freshness and quality of your products. Perishable and fragile foodstuffs are complicated items to transport. Thankfully, all our drivers are professional and know how to handle all goods with care. We offer services ranging from single same-day delivery services to automated and scheduled pickup and delivery services throughout the Dublin area. 

So, if you are a business big or small, we have the services for you, and we can assist you in more ways than one.

What you need from us:

Foodstuffs are highly valuable and fragile. Temperature, packaging, and handling are all important aspects of food delivery and things we at Zendfast take great care in learning. We understand that certain businesses and customers have ways that they would like items handled and moved and we consider this during every pickup and delivery.

If you have short term perishable goods, we can provide you with short notice same-day delivery to either to a customer or other businesses. Our drivers use the latest in technology to ensure the safest most efficient routes are taken throughout their journey.

Should you need a scheduled pick up and delivery we can also arrange this. This can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, ensuring you peace of mind and that your customers and/or business partners receive quality products promptly.

For new and upcoming delivery services we also provide home delivery options for food items meaning you worry about the important part and we get the food to the right customers.

Food Delivery Service - Zendfast 2

What Zendfast can do for you:

Zendfast provides your business with professional drivers and vehicles who use the latest in technology to ensure fast and efficient delivery of your items. Throughout the transport, we ensure your brand is advertised and that your customers are thoroughly satisfied from start to finish.

We can assign dedicated drivers to your business so that you and your customers become familiar with our drivers. This ensures our drivers know the routes and how to handle your products how you like it done.

With the latest in technology, you can track packages from pick up to delivery and you will have proof of delivery through E-sign or photo.

Our operations run 24/7 so if you have out of office deliveries scheduled, we can take care of that for you. Our delivery options range from same-day delivery to automated and scheduled deliveries services meaning you never have to worry about the logistical aspects as our team takes care of that. 

With Zendfast we can also offer you a personal account manager. In this way, you will have a dedicated point of contact within our office who can take care of all your needs. Should you require a change to food orders, a rescheduling of deliveries or the delivery of other items you can relay this to your trusted point of contact.

Food Delivery Service - Zendfast 3

We not only cater to restaurants, but butchers, fishmongers’, caterers, and all business types big and small which require a professional and timely approach to their food delivery. We aim to provide our customers and yours with the best service possible. 

We do this through, professionalism, the use of the latest technology and great communication between our team and yours.

Throughout the transport of your foodstuffs, we are contactable by phone, email, or text, both from you and your customers.

If you are interested in having your food delivery options taken care of by Zend fast get in touch at