Different courier solutions offer a set of services by time, location and functions that are specific to the company. This is why it can all get a little confusing if you have never had to use courier services regularly for your recurring deliveries. 

 In our blog and social media posts, we often mention same day and next day services, last mile deliveries, point to point delivery or our popular custom-build technology which supports our courier operations. In the next few sections we are giving you a short overview of these common delivery terms and how they can be utilized most successfully for the purpose of your own specific needs.

Same Day

One of our most popular courier solutions is undoubtedly same-day delivery service. What is different about this solution is the timely operation of its function. There are quite a few companies that guarantee a same-day courier service but not all can deliver the promised feature. This is mainly because of the smart route planning algorithm and the logistics aspect of organizing same-day deliveries over multiple locations. Oftentimes you will find that same-day services are only offered for specific routes or end stops, which makes this option unavailable for many customers. Guaranteeing this time window of delivery over the whole country map can be a real challenge that Zendfast tackles with great success thanks to our intelligent route planning system.

How do you benefit from same day deliveries?

You can choose the same day if your deliveries can’t wait for too long before reaching your customers. This could be perishable and temperature-sensitive items or also products which need delivered as soon as possible. Another great benefit of same-day courier service is the competitive edge you receive as a company. Guaranteeing timely delivery with certainty boosts your client satisfaction immensely and you are promised to have many returning customers who are happy with the prompt and safe shipping of their purchased goods.

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Next day

This type of delivery service also stands out as one of the more challenging ones to deliver by courier companies. Providing a next day delivery solution means that the company in charge must have a smooth-running logistics system in place. The coordination of deliveries from the collection point to the allocated drivers is the first crucial moment when organizing next-day services. What follows from then on is organizing the routes for the following day to make sure all deliveries arrive on time. Just like our same-day delivery, next-day ones can easily be tracked for your peace of mind, by using our courier to customer online portal.

How do you benefit from next day deliveries?

For fact, millenials prefer to make their online purchases within a next-day delivery window. This means that there is a whole another age group which you can target and boost your sales by guaranteeing efficient mode of delivery. The benefits of next-day courier service are similar to same-day deliveries in a sense that customers receive prompt and secure arrival of their purchases, without having to wait for too long.

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Last mile delivery

You may have seen in our posts that we mention last mile delivery as the last step of the delivery process. This step is named ‘last mile’ figuratively after the final mile before the delivery reaches to its recipient. When choosing your courier solution, it’s important to consider their approach considering the most important step in the delivery process. The last mile of delivery stands as the most expensive but also as the slowest stage in the shipping process. The reason for that is the inefficiency which may occur when dealing with multi-stop deliveries in busier cities. You should ideally be looking at courier solutions that use fast, automated, but also monitored planning systems for their route along with a centralized system for order receipt and tracking.

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What this term means in the context of courier service is taking care of your deliveries-from dispatch (from our customer) to delivery (to your customer). We handle your products from the collection point assigned by you in the online portal and we deliver these to the allocated destination. Based on the nature of your deliveries, we choose the right vehicle, driver and route so that your deliveries arrive timely and in a sound condition. You are guaranteed that your recipient had their order delivered by receiving a confirmation of their electronic signature or a photo. 

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Booking platform

You might encounter in our posts that we mention regularly our user-friendly booking system and the technology which we developed in-house. Zendfast is a courier company that has a focus on innovation and digitalization through the help of data and advanced software technology. We have developed our custom-built application to register your shipping orders and manage them efficiently within the assigned time frame. Our booking platform helps us manage our logistics operations and cater to your delivery needs.

Easy Definitions For Popular Courier Services Terms Customers Should Know About 5

All of the aforementioned terms you might have seen before and you will surely continue to see in the upcoming future. Choosing a responsible courier solution requires you to understand some of these key terms and to search thoroughly for relevant information on the services provided by the delivery company.