Is your Business Last-Mile Ready?

With the present uncertainty in the world, many businesses are feeling the pinch. Customers are social distancing; many businesses have had to shut their doors and others have moved online into the realm of E-commerce.

There are many businesses across Ireland with people working from home, maintaining as much normalcy as usual and in some cases improving their business and position for when things come back to normal.  

Here at Zendfast, we are here to provide you with the transport and logistical support that your business needs. We provide same-day delivery services which can be tailored and automated for daily, weekly and monthly collections and delivery throughout the greater Dublin area.  We have also expanded our services throughout Ireland with a host of new Daily Routes.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to delivery, especially within the Greater Dublin area. Thus, ensuring you and your customers have peace of mind that your products will be delivered on time.  

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What your customer has come to expect 

Same day delivery should mean just that. Many commercial companies make this promise, but at Zendfast we can deliver on this as we are local, reliable and know our city. Depending on the type of service you choose to use and the number of packages we can guarantee safe and secure delivery every time.

By placing your confidence in Zendfast you can rest assured that your products are handled with care and can be easily tracked using the latest software from pickup to drop off.  

For our scheduled pickups we can assign you a dedicated driver so you will see a familiar face giving you a point of contact and reassurance on delivery.  

Dublin customers have come to expect high-quality Delivery Services 2

Innovative Tech embedded in your Business   

Our technology allows you to track and trace your products from collection to delivery. Our scheduled pick up services is automated so once set-up, you no longer must worry about transport logistics. Simply let our drivers know the quantity and locations and we take care of the rest.  

This cost-effective approach and same-day delivery service mean that you can take more orders and increase your customer base within the Greater Dublin area. We can collect and drop door to door without any interference. We have specific express services for fast and efficient deadlines, and all are services are operational 24/7. 

Business to Business delivery within the Dublin areas is crucial and we understand the need for urgency at times. Specific products, documents, medical supplies etc. can all be handled by our professional team. 

Zendfast offers four unique packages that can fulfil all business’s needs.  

Transportation in Dublin

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We all know about the logistics of transport in Dublin. Our drivers are professional and our vehicles of the highest quality. Should there ever be an incident on the road you can be notified via our app, by email or by phone.   

Our app allows you to track your packages on their journey and they can be signed for with an electronic signature or photo ensuring the recipient receives their product. 

Sensitive and fragile materials delivery 

Should you have medical, time-sensitive or fragile materials you will know they are in safe hands with Zendfast. Getting packages safely to your customers and clients is our primary goal. We pride ourselves on our customer service and aim for this to reflect on your business. While other courier services distribute to the whole country, we are local and dedicated to the Dublin area.  

How our Delivery Solutions helps

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If you are a new business or have plans to expand then having a reliable courier service is what you need and what you can find in Zendfast. By either using our solutions or software, you can streamline your delivery services in the Dublin area. Daily, weekly and monthly pickup and delivery options are available, and we distribute throughout Dublin be it a single or multi-drop operation.  

We focus on logistics and transport while you can grow your business knowing you have a dedicated delivery service for your goods. In the world of eCommerce having a reliable transport system is something many people are looking for and that’s where Zendfast comes in. 

Check out our Logistics solutions and find the one that works for you.



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