Courier services near me? 10 Good Reasons to Choose Local Businesses 1

In short, using local services has a positive impact on all of us. One stat is 70% of employment is produced by small local businesses in Ireland. Think about that, 7 out of every 10 people employed in Ireland, work for an SME.

We have come to believe that Ireland is a tax haven for massive American multinationals, we are dependant on employment from these big companies but the reality is we have a thriving SME sector. Now don’t get me wrong big multinationals have a big part to play and we are grateful for there part in the Irish economic success story. However, I think that small business doesn’t get enough credit for there role and the massive positive influence they have on life in Ireland.

Have a positive impact on the local economy (search courier services near me for example)

When you buy local, more often than not that money is recycled back into local businesses. That could be local people buying groceries locally or SME’s buying reinvesting and growing or buying from other local suppliers. All this buying and selling and job creation create tax revenue, which guess what? Gets spent on local amenities and public services. Win win win

You might know the people behind the product/service

I think everyone is in the same. There is a feel-good factor knowing that the product you purchase helps a friend or family out. Be that to put food on the table, go on a well deserved holiday or help pay for kids education. When you buy locally especially with people you know. The revenue created isn’t going offshore or to the mega-wealthy few. It’s going towards normal living expenses and lifestyle.

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Your community will be unique

Nobody wants a town full of Starbucks coffee shops. Nobody wants a town full of McDonald’s restaurants. A massive backbone of the community is having local producers, businesses and services who are unique and that’s what gives each location a sense of community and togetherness.

Courier services near me? 10 Good Reasons to Choose Local Businesses 2

Better customer experience

I think sometimes we take for granted the experience of local knowledge when providing services and products local to that area. Local businesses tend to be smaller and I’m a big believer in smaller business have a huge advantage over bigger companies in terms of customer service.

Here are a few tips:

More personalized service

if you use local services and businesses you are more than likely to interact with owners and people who have the most passion for the product or services you are purchasing. This leads to a personalised service that bigger companies strive for but can never attain. Getting a hello from a business owner or getting to know the staff you’re dealing with regularly will give you a personalised service design naturally for you.

Courier services near me? 10 Good Reasons to Choose Local Businesses 3

Promote local jobs

As mentioned at the start of the blog post, 70% of all jobs in Ireland are created by SME local businesses. Its an outstanding statistic and one we should be very proud. Starting and managing a small business is a very Nobel endeavour. You’re betting on yourself to understand the market and add value to it. You take on risk to get a stake in the benefits of the free market.

Courier services near me? 10 Good Reasons to Choose Local Businesses 4

Encourage Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are only successful if they have customers buying there products and services. Entrepreneurs and young local companies are vulnerable and need support. In many cases, they are competing with much bigger businesses with a lot more resources. They sometimes cant compete on price but they can on quality. Always consider local when making purchase decisions.

Innovation and Competition is healthy

Start ups a small business have an advantage over bigger companies. They are nimble, can make decisions quicker and have the ability to change rapidly. This can lead to challenging the norm or status quo and creating healthy competition and in some cases disrupt industries.

Courier services near me? 10 Good Reasons to Choose Local Businesses 5

Build relationships for the future

If you’re in business yourself you are more likely to be recommended to new customers, share resources, find new talent or learn from each other if dealing with a small business. These business relationships can be essential and you never know when you can pull in a favor be that in the near or far future.

Courier services near me? 10 Good Reasons to Choose Local Businesses 6

Variety is the spice of life

If everyone eats McDonald’s every day or drank Starbucks coffee, life would be very bland. Local businesses give an area different flavours and a distinct personality. Spice your life up!

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