2 MARCH 2021

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The family-owned Irish courier business Zendfast is announcing 40 new jobs and a company expansion plan for their courier service business.

The company has seen an increase in demand of 114% for its services over the last 12 months as it specialises in an innovative delivery process for businesses using its own bespoke software and disrupting the courier and delivery sector by offering a premium, on-demand and fully tracked same day and next day delivery service.

Zendfast was launched in 2017 by CEO Declan Murray as an ‘on-demand, Uber-style’ courier company. Declan and his son Colin both from Rush, County Dublin have been growing the business over the last four years and have honed their services during that time as the company differentiates itself from its competitors by focusing on ensuring the highest quality courier service available to clients whose values are equally focused on quality over quantity.

In that time Zendfast has also focussed significant investment into a rebrand and launched a new website which enables them to communicate their high-quality services and offers their customers an ability to follow live tracking and delivery updates at www.zendfast.com Zendfast has seen a substantial increase from businesses trying to manage remote staff with documents, laptops, desks, chairs and care packages in the form of hampers being shipped to people now working from home due to Covid. With business particularly within the services sector such as tech, engineering, accountancy firms, law firms and high-quality retail, food and drink, pharma and logistics sectors engaging the services of Zendfast.

Declan says, “We are delighted to be expanding our business and be in a position to hire 40 new staff over the next three years. Our business growth had been on a steady trajectory however due to the pandemic the demand from the population for courier delivered goods has of course increased, but so too has the number of businesses who have shifted from business to business delivery to business to consumer delivery.

A lot of businesspeople plan meticulously, work hard, and have great business ideas; but the ones that survive times of uncertainty are the ones that can adapt quickly to change and circumstances. We have seen many businesses who have used our services or any courier services for the first time doing a pivot from the ‘normal’ target market due to Covid. It is great to see such innovation in these times, and we feel fortunate to be part of their supply chain and to also be in a position to expand our business.”

Zendfast offers a multi-modal fleet of delivery options, which are all managed through a responsive tech app, which has been developed by the company. This enables the business to ensure an agile delivery service to anywhere in Ireland through the ability to reach out to their pool of drivers on any given day to see who is best positioned to pick up a delivery order which has just come in and ensure same-day delivery while in tandem responding to the customer to confirm the contract and offer the journey tracking details for the job,

Zendfast has secured backing from Enterprise Ireland through LEO to expand the company. Zendfast has planned to hire 40 new staff in addition to the 35 already working in the business over the next 3 years.

Declan is a former director of logistics at Irish Express Cargo and director of Superior Freight, he has refined his skill set in delivery services over the years and says, “A company’s biggest asset is its people, we have a brilliant and dedicated team at Zendfast and we are excited to grow this team and the business even further in the near future. The 40 new positions on offer are mainly for delivery drivers with some in the business supports sector and we encourage those interested to apply online at www.zendfast.com


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Pictured are the family business owners, father and son Declan and Colin Murray; they are announcing 40 new jobs and a company expansion plan for their courier service business Zendfast. The 40 new positions on offer are mainly for delivery drivers with some in the business supports sector; those interested can apply online at www.zendfast.com – photo Glen Bollard.

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